Attaining access to exciting rewards and cool perks in your favorite online game is a feeling unmatched and why not? One such favorite of a massive number of players in Club Penguin Rewritten, and we are here to bring you a bundle of staggering perks and codes to make the experience even better.

What Is Club Penguin Rewritten?

Club penguin rewritten is a really popular multiplayer online game involving a virtual world that contains a range of games and activities. It is based on Disney’s club penguin where players are disguised as penguins who play in a winter world.

Club penguin rewritten is a great place to have fun to make new friends and enjoy mini-games. Although the game was shut down due to Disney’s copyright claims, It is now back on track and the players couldn’t be happier.

How To Play Club Penguin Rewritten?

It is quite easy to play club penguin rewritten. All you have to do is visit the official website of club penguin rewritten which is and look for the menu bar on the top right corner of your screen.

Once you click on the menu bar you will see an option to create your penguin, after which you can start playing the game. You can customize the penguin based on your preferences to kick start the game.

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes 2021

When the game abruptly shut down, the players thought that their accounts would be eradicated but to everyone’s surprise, their memberships remained intact when the game was back in action. That is when the creators introduced a bunch of club penguin rewritten codes.

These Club Penguin Rewritten codes will get you access to a whole lot of rewards and will allow you to customize the penguins using new costumes and cosmetics. It will also get you some coins to go ahead in the game.

List Of Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

Without any further ado, we have brought you a complete list of club penguin rewritten codes to use. Use these to attain a maximum advantage.

Working Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

CARDJITSU3003 – Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards

CARDDECK – Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards

ONLINESAFETY – Redeem for a Laptop

FREEHOOD2 – Redeem for a Green Crosshatched Hoodie

HIDDENPUFFLE – Redeem for a Puffle Whistle

FREEHOOD – Redeem for a UK Hoodie

Expired Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

These codes are no longer available and can’t be redeemed any more.

CLUBPENGUIN15 – Redeem for a reward

THEFAIR20 – Redeem for a Tie Dye Shirt, Caramel Apple, and 20,000 Coins

R6RKN4YNY – Redeem for Scrubs

AY3T2S2ND – Redeem for a Puffle Care Sash

M44YJRX8T – Redeem for a Puffle Care Cap

EARTHDAY20 – Redeem for a Rock-Hopper Costume, Snow Leopard Costume, and Elephant Costume

EASTERBUNNY – Redeem for a Yellow Bunny Slippers & 2,000 Coins

BROWNHAT20 – Redeem for a Brown Skater Hat

CHACHING – Redeem for 1,000 coins

COFFEEAP – Redeem for a Coffee Apron

FIELDOPS – Redeem for an EPF Suit

REDHOCKEY – Redeem for a Red Hockey Jersey

BLUEHOCKEY – Redeem for a Blue Hockey Jersey

50KPENGUINS – Redeem for a Beta Grid Sweater

100KPENGUINS – Redeem for a Blue Skater Hat

HAPPYEASTER – Redeem for a Green Bunny Slippers

WORLDPENGUIN – Redeem for a Blue Crosshatched Hoodie and 1000 coins.

10KFOLLOWERS – Redeem for a Black Diva Shades and 100 coins

BUILDERS – Redeem for a Hard Hat and Safety Vest

COVEPARTY – Redeem for Water Wings

MUSICJAM – Redeem for a MP3000

REDKEYTAR – Redeem for a Keytar

SUMMERLEI – Redeem for an Island Lei

CARDJITSU – Redeem for a Stone Ninja Suit

VIDEOGAME – Redeem for a Blue Lei

1MILLION – Redeem for an  Ocean Blue, Beta Hat T-Shirt, and 2,000 coins

CPBIRTHDAY – Redeem for a Party Hat T-Shirt

SUITUPEPF – Redeem for an  Elite Body Armor

ONEYEARUS – Redeem for a Glowing Grid Jacket

2MILLION – Redeem for a Sunset Lei and 1000 coins

MUSICJAM18 – Redeem for a White Electric Guitar and 1000 coins

MJ18HOODIE – Redeem for a Black Penguin Band Hoodie

CONGRATS1 – Redeem for 5,000 coins

REDVSBLUE1 – Redeem for a Go Red Background and Go Blue Background

FALLFAIR18 – Redeem for a Tie Dye Shirt

APPLEFAIR18 – Redeem for a Candy Apple and 500 coins

CJDEVCAST18 – Redeem for Five Card-Jitsu Cards

DEVCAST18 – Redeem for a 1st Anniversary Hat Shirt

HALLOWEEN18 – Redeem for a Green Spider Costume

CARDFIRE – Redeem for a Five Card-Jitsu Cards

XMASDAY18 – Redeem for a Candycane Scarf

ANNIVERSARY2 – Redeem for a 2nd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt

REDNOSEDAY19 – Redeem for a Red Nose

STRAWBERRY1 – Redeem for a Strawberry Costume, Very Cherry Background, and 500 Coins

ORANGEPODS – Redeem for an  Orange MP3000

CANADA19 – Redeem for a Red Ski Goggles and 500 Coins

FUNFAIR19 – Redeem for a Stuffed Bunny and 500 Coins

MILESTONE20 – Redeem for an  eReader

THREEYEARS – Redeem for a 3rd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt and 3000 coins

PINKSHIRT20 – Redeem for a Pink Polo Shirt and 1000 coins

POTOGOLD – Redeem for a Pot O’Gold and 1000 coins

TIMESISSUE150 – Redeem for a Newspaper Hat

How To Redeem Club Penguin Rewritten Codes?

Take a look at how to redeem these codes step by step:-

1. Go to the official website of club penguin rewritten codes.
2. At the top right corner of the screen look for the unlock items online icon and click on it.
3. Now select the penguin that you would like the reward to go to.

4. Next, log in with your password and select the ‘I have a code‘ option.
5. Copy one of the code and paste into the box and then hit done to receive your reward.


So this was a complete list of club penguin rewritten codes for you to access numerous rewards and benefits. These codes are sure to add to the fun of the game and make it a worthwhile experience for you. Let us know how if you found this helpful in the comments section below.

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