SEO is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving. Search engines improve site ranking algorithms every year, stimulating you to make adjustments to your strategy. And in order not to be left behind, experts in SEO in Sydney suggest keeping up with those changes. To succeed, you need to be aware of what exactly is changing in the promotion and what updates are important not to miss in the coming year to continue fighting for the first positions in Google.

Content marketing is an essential component for lead generation

Consistent, high-quality content marketing is of high importance. However, at the very beginning of the SEO era, the content could be assessed by how well it was optimized for keywords. This was the leading indicator of a high degree of excellence. But over time, the situation has evolved. After the introduction of new algorithms, businesses that had ignored innovations were ruined.

For now, nothing can replace the effectiveness of content. It is an imperative condition to be able to compete for the top positions. But sometimes, just good articles and blogging are not enough to get to the TOP, and other additional optimizations and advertising efforts are required. And still, without content creation, the chances of getting things done competently are practically nil.

Content optimization for EAT algorithm

Google’s ranking algorithm EAT, which evaluates the quality and usefulness of the content, has three main criteria:

  • Expertise. You must deliver value for the target audience and try to overcome competitors.
  • Authoritativeness. Links to your articles provided by well-known portals are the only proof of professionalism.
  • Trustworthiness. Your articles must inspire confidence.

Your content should meet all three of these metrics. If you have done really high-quality work with your content marketing, then these results will definitely boost traffic to the site and increase your positions in organic search results.

What else should be considered in 2021?

User experience. Another big change in the SEO world is raising quality standards for UX design. How users perceive your site and interact with it are of vital importance. Enticing, well-organized web pages play a crucial role. It won’t matter how high-quality content is posted and how hard it is promoted, if the bounce rate is high, you will fail. Search engines keep track of such user behavioral factors.

Local SEO. In Sydney, businesses can conquer the market if they will focus on local optimization. But not every Australian company gives the proper attention to local practices. And such a mistake can lead to the collapse of businesses that are tied to a certain region. To enhance local SEO in Sydney, set up Google My Business, work on the number of positive reviews on Google Maps, try to attain more backlinks from local sites.

Apart from mentioned above factors, SEO experts from Shtudio agency point out also mobile-first indexing, voice search, diversified context with visual elements, such as animations, infographics, illustrations. If you want to get a comprehensive approach at an affordable SEO price, then contact Shtudio for cooperation. The team of passionate experts will focus on what really matters for SEO in 2021.

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