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Gifts are the precious tokens of bliss and warmth that everyone holds close to their hearts. The sheer wholesomeness of gifts from your close ones is enough to brighten an entire week. Conversely, they are the perfect excuse for you to pamper them and express your gratitude.

However, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking trying to figure out how to choose the perfect gift — one that is bound to be remembered for ages. Don’t worry, though, because this article shall discuss everything you need to know to ace your gifting journey.

Tailor it to the person 

The first and most important factor in deciding the gift is who you are buying it for. Before purchasing it, you need to understand who they are as individuals and their likes and dislikes. You also need to consider your relationship with that person — whether you are close friends, office colleagues, family relatives, or just acquaintances. Whatever the case may be, choose the gift accordingly.

You must gauge the level and intensity of the relationship as well. Inappropriate gifting, such as giving flowers to an office colleague, can come across as being distasteful and sometimes, just plain embarrassing.

To start things off, draft a rough budget — the amount of money you are willing (and capable) of spending on a gift. It doesn’t have to be an exact figure; a round-about approximation will work just as well.

Get creative with the process of gifting

It is crucial to the gifting ritual that you up the ante on your presentation skills. Rather than simply handing over the gift — which can often come across as clumsy and low-effort— do something special. Wrap your gifts in textured paper, or show your love by giving your gift a layer of protection with envelopes with string and washer closure.

You can go as far as making the gift-giving element challenging. Send the person on a scavenger hunt or a snuck in a secret message into their diary, telling them clues to the gift’s location. Just ensure that it isn’t much of a hassle for them since it is their special day after all.

Keep it to the essential items

Your gift mustn’t be unnecessary or overly showy. Ostentatious gifting can quickly be taken the wrong way, and you must identify and consider the person’s actual needs before you purchase anything. Plan ahead — note down their habits and activities, their daily needs and requirements — keep it basic, if you have to.

Ensure that you are giving them something they can actually use instead of something that is — or will eventually become — redundant. Be practical in your approach towards gifting. Unnecessarily costly gifts can not only burn a hole in your pocket but also make it awkward for the person on the receiving end by raising expectations of reciprocation.

Curating a gift that matches the person’s needs is a beautifully personal gesture which they will appreciate. It is a subtle nod showing that you care for them.

Go beyond material gifting

You mustn’t restrict yourself to gifting fancy items. Instead of gifting valuables they most likely won’t even remember in a few months, gift them experiences they would cherish their entire life.

For instance, you don’t have to get them an expensive bottle of scent or a cashmere sweater. If you have the financial means, try to pull together a vacation. Again, it doesn’t have to be much; a trip to their grandma’s place living across the country will mean just as much to them.

Many people prefer the gift of time over almost anything with monetary value. However, this is a personal preference, and you must ensure that a random impromptu vacation doesn’t put them on edge. Whatever you choose, make sure that they would be comfortable with it.

Be careful with re-gifting 

We tend to redistribute gifts that we received during festivals, often being passed on from one family to another. Thus, it is not uncommon for people to be gifted with their own gifts.

This not only leads to monotony and redundancy but even puts both you and the person being gifted in an awkward spot. You must ensure that the gift you give them is unique. And if you do repurpose an old item, you must be extremely cautious with how you present it so that it doesn’t come across as lazy.

While not the norm, honesty is definitely appreciated here. You should tell them beforehand if you are re-gifting something which, chances are, has already been seen by them.


Adding to all the previous points, it is of paramount importance that you leave your mark on the gift. The receiver should know that it is you who gifted it. It doesn’t need to be in-your-face, but it should be enough to be recognized as being from you.

You must avoid choosing a bland gift at all costs. It should be unique and reflective of the bond you share with the person. For instance, a shared vacation, or even seemingly mundane memories from your school time.

Plus, ensure that your gift is something of utility. Those are the kinds of gifts that are remembered fondly. As a rule of thumb, ensure that when you go out shopping, keep both the relationship and the budget in mind. They should be commensurate.

Don’t gift as a formality or compulsion

Remember that you don’t gift someone something just because you have to. Gifting should not be a formality, unless when it is — in office engagements, etc., where you don’t have an option. Besides that, though, avoid giving someone gifts that are insipid and don’t hold any meaning.

Unnecessary and lazy gifts feel forced and can even cause strain in a relationship. Thus, avoid falling into the trap of peer-pressure gifting and instead keep a few modest gifts in store for surprise occasions.

In a nutshell, gifting comes down to choosing something genuine — a token of your love and appreciation. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it must be something you feel they will be passionate about.

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