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When it comes to creating a home space in the time of Covid-19, a space to work and study is something that requires a great amount of time. Working from home can be hard. There are plenty of distractions waiting to whisk your focus away from deadlines and work – a world that seems miles away from the comforts of home.

Cats need to be fed, bedding needs changing, and those countertops look like they need a really good polish. In order to set up a good work environment, you need to simulate a work environment in your home. The upside is that this work environment can be a space that is both productive and beautiful. Here are a few tips to help you create (or upgrade) your study space at home.

Keep Your Study Space Out Of The Bedroom

If the bed is close at hand, so will the opportunity to lie down and scroll through Instagram or take a nap. If you are a daytime napper, then allocating a certain amount of time during the day to catching some shut-eye will leave your bedroom feeling like a safe space to retreat to.

Furthermore, when you’re trying to sleep at night you won’t be tempted to watch a series or check your emails while your laptop’s charging on your desk. Getting enough sleep is key to productivity and you’ll be a lot more calm, collected, and ready to accomplish things in the morning.

Find the Right Desk/Chair Combination

It’s important to be comfortable and upright while you work, rather than cramped or slouched. Make sure the chair you have is either the right size for your desk or is adjustable. Very low desks can be problematic so consider purchasing a trestle table. Not only are these affordable, but also quite beautiful if adorned with plants and other aesthetically pleasing objects. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can work at them, or enjoy playing at

Gift Yourself a Desk Plant 

Nothing makes a workspace more tranquil than a fern or a few succulents. Having plants in your workspace will help you feel more grounded and focused, and having a lush fern to water in the morning is a wonderful, rewarding ritual. Caring for other things is how we show ourselves care and can be a reminder that we’re capable of sustaining something. This mindset will stand you in good stead for your daily tasks.

Make Sure There’s Enough Light

Having your desk by a window is a good way to feel connected to the outside world, especially at a time when the outside world can start to feel distant. Natural light is one of the first things prospective homeowners look for and the one thing that can be sorely missing from corporate workspaces. If you’re doing frequent zoom meetings, make sure you have curtains or blinds that you can partially close in order to keep the screen visible.

So, if you’re looking to brighten up your workspace, consider these simple options that’ll help you stay productive and comfortable.

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