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As you grow up, you start to notice how much of a difference having a tidy home has on your life. Whether it’s coming home to a clean apartment after a night out and getting into a crisp, well-made bed or waking up early to the coolness of clean floors – tidying is a part of our lives that can easily become replaced or ignored. I’ve never owned a dishwasher and I don’t know if I ever will.

Maybe one day with a larger family I’ll consider it, but for now, the ritual of scrubbing dishes in hot water, wiping down surfaces, and mopping the kitchen floor is a part of my day I look forward to as much as showering or choosing my clothing. Here are some of the reasons I find the act of keeping my space clean to be as important as the end result.

It Alleviates Stress

Having struggled with anxiety for many years, I find that having a list of simple tasks to complete between bigger goals, work and admin keeps me grounded during tumultuous times. Focusing on simple, practical tasks is a meditative practice for those whose minds are often a bit scrambled from the stresses that life brings.

It Aids Focus 

This works in conjunction with the previous point made. Working out the structure of basic tasks locks you into a rhythm of managing logical, step-by-step processes. Once you’re busy with sorting, packing, folding or sweeping, it’s easy to begin to examine the more complex activities the day has in store for you. Once you’re visualizing these tasks you can start to strategize about how you’re going to manage the time in front of you – whether it’s work you have to do before bed or in the morning.

It Gives You Time To Listen 

If I’m mildly ill, doing a stay-at-home holiday or quarantining, there’s nothing I hate more than getting stuck in front of my laptop with the curtains closed. There’s something about binge-watching series or YouTube that makes me incredibly depressed. It’s during the last few years that I’ve discovered a newfound love for ambient music. If you’re unfamiliar with ambient music, it’s generally accepted that a good place to start is Brian Eno’s Music For Airports. Ambient music is broad, and it’s best explained as the classical, experimental music of our modern era. It’s amazing to listen to while studying, thinking, or tending to your plants. Or tidying.

It Can Also Be Time Spent Learning.

Podcasts are just incredible, and they don’t have to resemble the talk-show-style you may be used to. The New York Times puts together fascinating, dramatized content that follows current affairs and investigative journalism. Working with This American Life, Sarah Koenig’s Serial is another brilliant show that follows some of the most interesting court cases of our time. Listening to a podcast while you clean or even when you buy bitcoin credit card online gives you the opportunity to learn while you care for your space.

So, if you want to find a way to revitalize your mind and your space, make tidying and cleaning a daily practice.

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