Netflix is an American online streaming service that delivers high-quality content to be accessed on TVs, PCs, mobiles, tablets, and so on. It is like a magical library consisting of millions of movies and TV shows that keep its customers hooked to the screens. And since most of its viewers are Millenials and students from various corners of the world, it is necessary to know how to avail a good discount to start watching.

Does Netflix Student Discount Exist?

Netflix, being the most popular streaming service, charges a decent amount for all its subscriptions, but in the case of students, it gets a little much. Students who are already dealing with a tight budget might find their premium subscription to be way too expensive.

But unfortunately, the platform has not yet released any Netflix student discounts to help. Although a few other online streaming sites have invested in student discounts, Netflix still hasn’t invested as most of their users comprise students. No matter how wonderful it would have been to cover a subscription under your budget, the answer is disappointing.

How to Reduce The Costs Of Subscriptions

Don’t be disheartened just because Netflix doesn’t approve any student discounts. We are going to talk about a few other methods that will help you watch the amazing content at much lower prices. Although they are not as easy as a student discount, they will still serve the purpose.

1. Avail on the Trial Version

The best part about creating a Netflix account is that it offers its customers a 30-day free trial after which you can either choose to continue or disable the subscription. So the best method is to create an account to avail of the trial version.

Netflix asks for an email as well as payment details before allowing you to create an account eligible for the free trial. So keep in mind, you have to use different emails and payment details for different accounts for easy access. You can simply cancel your subscription plan when the free trial is about to end.

2. Switch to Basic

The best way to save on your subscription bills is to go for the basic plan that Netflix offers, which allows one extra screen share and also access to all the content that other plans involve.

Although the video quality is brought down to 720p, it’s hardly noticeable. You will still be able to use subtitles for every movie and TV show. So opting for the basic subscription is the way to go.

All you have to do is log in to Netflix using your Id and password, and then click on the right panel. Next, click on the ‘change plan‘ icon and switch it to basic. The bill will change itself next month.

3. Sharing is Caring!

So what if you cannot afford the premium subscription alone? There’s always an option of splitting the costs and sharing the content. In the premium version, you can use the account on four different screens and so naturally you share the credentials with your friends.

How wonderful would it be to be able to access high-quality content and the bills aren’t even harsh on your pockets? This is made possible when you gather 4 people to split the subscription amount every month and get the premium subscription.

4. Student Discount Services Alternatives

If you’re still not satisfied with the lowered prices, there’s always an option to change your preferences. There are a few alternatives to Netflix that offer student discounts and loads of entertaining content. Check them out!

1. Amazon Prime Video

Students get almost 6 months of free trial that they can cancel anytime and also another 50% off on their paid accounts! With that students also get free shipping on the shopping website of Amazon.

2. HBO Now

HBO Now will also allow a discount of nearly 35% for the students once they’ve verified their eligibility. Along with the discount, you also get a 30-day free trial.

3. Youtube Premium

You’ll receive a 40% discount on their original prices plus another month of additional free trial to choose your plan.

4. Spotify and Hulu

They’ve joined forces to attract more customers. The kick is, if you purchase a Spotify subscription, you immediately have access to the premium version of Hulu. Separately, they are going to cost you a fortune.


Originally, Netflix does not provide any student discounts but yet we have managed to look for many effective methods to cut down the costs of their subscription charges. You should also try the alternatives to Netflix because they have so much more to offer.

So go ahead and utilize the information to your advantage. For any queries or concerns, please connect with us in the comments section.

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