The Windows Compatibility Telemetry in Windows 10 is a service consisting of technical data related to your device and all the software working on it. Then it sends the collected data to Microsoft after some fixed time to improve the system in the future and to make the user experience better. Here we discuss how to disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in the below article.

It is created for the betterment of your system, but sometimes it might cause some issues. Since it tracks user practices of your computer, it might spike your CPU for short intervals of time when it is examining and sending the reports to the company.

That might be very problematic because sometimes you need to work on your PC while you are in hurry. So, I have mentioned some great ways you can get rid of the problems it causes or disable it in this article.

How To Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

If you are frustrated with the problems and lags caused by the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, you wish to disable it in whatever way you can. But, there are some methods you can use to solve your issues without even disabling it. Even if you wish to disable it after that, that is also explained below. So, read this article and follow whatever way you like.

Way 1- Restart Your System

You can fix the high disk usage by Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry by shutting down your system and starting it again. I know it is very easy, but the steps are given below for your assistance.

  1. At first, click on the Start button.
  2. Now go to the power button.
  3. Choose shut down.
  4. After your system shuts down completely, start it again.
  5. Check if it starts quickly and the issue you were facing earlier is fixed now. 

There are more ways you can try if this does not help.

Way 2- Use Task Scheduler to Disable the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser

Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser is known to analyze your application files to enhance your experience in the future. But you can disable it in few easy steps given below:

  1. Search for Task Scheduler and click on it when found.
  2. Now you have to go to Task Scheduler Library there.
  3. After that click where you see Microsoft and then Windows options.
  4. Finally, choose the Application Experience‘ option.
  5. Then look for the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser in the Application Experience folder.
  6. Now right-click on it and choose the option which says disable.
  7. Confirm it and it will be disabled.

After following these steps, most probably your problem will no longer persist, but if it does, try another way mentioned.

Way 3- Update Your Windows OS

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is always related to updates of Windows 10 OS. So, simply updating your OS can solve the issues you are facing. Moreover, it is always good to keep your PC updated according to the latest updates. You can update your OS in the following way:

  1. Search for Settings and click on it when found.
  2. Then go to Update & Security Settings.
  3. There, click on Windows Update.
  4. Then choose the Check for updates option.
  5. If any pending update is found, update your PC and see if the problem you were facing earlier has gone away now.

Way 4- Limit The Data Gathered By Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Though this method does not help you disable Telemetry and Data Collection completely, you can decrease the data captured by the service without your knowledge. The steps to do so are:

  1. Search for Settings and open it.
  2. Go to Privacy settings.
  3. Then choose Feedback & diagnostics option from left.
  4. Now change the Diagnostics and usage data from whatever it is to Basic.
  5. So, the data sent to Microsoft is limited and this might solve the prevailing issues.

This operation also decreases the chances of your data being hacked.

Way 5- Use Registry Editor For Disabling The Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry 

You can get rid of the obstacles you are facing because of the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry using registry edit in the following way:

  1. Search for Regedit and click on Registry Editor when found.
  2. Now you have to go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > DataCollection’.
  3. Then right-click on DataCollection and click on “New > DWORD (32-bit) Value”.
  4. After that, you have to set the name of the new value as Allow Telemetry.
  5.  Now click on the ‘Allow Telemetry‘ option available to you twice.
  6. Make the value date 0 and click on OK.

Way 6- Use Group Policy Editor To Disable The Disable The Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry 

Now if you want to get rid of whatever the Compatibility Telemetry is doing, you can do it by Group Policy Editor by following the steps given below:

  1. Search for and open it up.
  2. Choose the Computer Configuration option.
  3. After that, click on the Administrative Templates.
  4. You will see the option saying Windows Components there, go to it, and then choose the Data Collection and Preview Builds option.
  5. Now you have to click two times on Allow Telemetry and select the Disabled to disable it.
  6. Then click Ok.

You can get sure that it is disabled by checking in your Task Manager. This works most of the time though.

Way 7- Find Other Issues Making The Performance Of Your Windows Slow

There might be some other problem making the performance of your Windows OS slow if it does not get resolved using any of the above-mentioned ways. So, you can speed up your PC by clearing some memory or checking for any virus. Some applications might also slow it down, so scanning your whole PC might help.

Final Words

I hope your problem that Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is slowing down your simple operations on your PC is fixed now. The ways mentioned in this article are used by a lot of users and are known to work. So, perhaps they can help to fix your problem as well. I hope the article helps you!

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