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Now that GMAT is just around the corner, it is time for a final brush up in the last week.

The last week before the actual GMAT examination is indeed crucial. Yes, a lot of emotions will work, you will get nervous, anxious, excited, confused, and so on… but you have got to pull yourself together and follow a routine to maintain the peace of your mind. Take care of your health, get adequate sleep, and try not to overburden your mind by thinking of the result because you have got this!

If you are practicing the GMAT test series, you already know how important it is to keep practicing and boosting your confidence and making improvements.

But in case you are looking for some additional tips to sharpen your preparation during the last week before GMAT, we have got you covered!

  • The first thing is to take full-length mock tests but limit it to two or three during the last week. Do not take mock tests casually, every time you take the tests, imagine as if you are sitting for the actual GMAT examination. Try to get hold of some practice papers that you have not yet touched.
  • Try to solve the papers under time constraints just like the GMAT examination. Your speed and concentration are two very important factors and you must see how you are performing. Try to solve each question in two minutes because if we consider the actual GMAT exam you will get two minutes to solve each question. Review your performance; refine it as much as possible by attempting more questions.
  • You must keep your body healthy, proper work out regime is also important, eat healthily; try to avoid fast food, unhealthy fried snacks, and so on. You must keep your mind agile but how to do it? Limit your screen time; try not to browse on your mobile phone 45 min before going to bed.
  • Breakfasts are very important and among all meals that are consumed during the day, it is essential to ensure that breakfast is a heavy and wholesome meal. A proper breakfast sets the tone for the whole day ahead. It will help you prepare well for the test.
  • People seldom understand the benefit of having an organized study or workplace until they have organized it. An organized place of study will help you have a “feel good” factor that will help you in concentrating much better on your studies and revisions. Thus it is advisable to find some time to clean your living place and the place where you study.
  • Visiting the test center once in this last week is a great thing to do. Anxiety plays a big role on how we perform in the examination and if you visit the test center once before the actual test day then you will be knowing how the road and the traffic may be which helps in giving a mental satisfaction that you are well covered and know when to start for your exam so that you avoid being late for the test which in turn will help to lower your anxiety before the exam. This will help keep you calmer and thus do much better in your test.
  • Maintaining your overall health is of utmost importance; and that means apart from eating healthily and exercising, a bit of a relaxing massage can be extremely helpful in staying upbeat about facing the GMAT. A massage a couple of days before the examination can do wonders and provide you with the desired level of concentration which will help you in the test.
  • Preparation is very important and unwanted surprises can wreak havoc on your test. To avoid any unwanted and unpleasant surprises on the day of the test it is very much advisable to check the website of GMAT properly and keenly so that you are properly prepared with all the required things that you are expected to bring to the test center on the day of the test. Things like ID, etc. are very important. Also, this will help ensure that you are not carrying anything with you that is not allowed in the examination center.
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