Many people who have recently known the benefits of the developer mode want to enable the developer mode. People who are into Android app development do know all these things. But for those who do not know them, this article is going to be very helpful. In this article, we shall be talking about How to enable or disable developer mode on Android. Also, we will look at the method of disabling the developer mode. We shall also look at the benefits of developer mode.

If you are also trying to find out how to enable or disable developer mode on android, you are finally at the right place. We shall discuss all of it and many other important things other than this in this article. Do read the whole article to see all the important information and other things. Now scroll down and start reading the article.

About Developer Mode

Every Android phone has a developer’s mode which on enabling helps you do a lot more functions than you were able to do earlier. Enabling developer mode can let you optimize a lot more things than you could do previously. Through the developer mode, you could increase the speed of the phone, hide your current location, disable the software running in the background.

Developer Mode Benefits

There are various benefits of enabling the Developer mode in your xiaomi phones, oneplus, vevo and samsung Android devices. In this subsection, we shall be discussing all of them. So let us see the benefits one by one.

1. USB Device Debugging

When you transition to developer mode, you can activate or disable USB debugging.  You can add private data and to your Android device When you enable these features the computer can send any kind of message to your phone. This is used by developers frequently. One important thing is that you must disable this feature once you are done with your work.

2. Regulate Animation

After changing to the developer mode, you can regulate the animation on your phone. If you are working on a phone which generally runs very slowly, you can decrease the animation quality and make the phone run faster. You can also increase the animation quality to enjoy better image quality.

3. Boost Speed of Software

Once you enable the developer mode, you can speed up the working of your software. Provided you have a good quality smartphone, you can boost the speed of any software or video game. You can do this by switching on ‘Force 4x MSAA’ in your developer mode.

4. Hide your Location

Using the developer mode, you can hide your location from the apps that take your location. This helps you enhance your privacy. You can also do much of your private work without getting exposed.

5. Disable Background Running Software

Through the developer mode, you can disable the software running in the background. If you find that your device is slowing down because of various software running in the background, you can disable the software. You can use the Limit background processes option to do the same.

6. Stay Awake Feature

Through this feature in the developer mode, you can prevent the screen of the phone from turning off. In the meantime, you can also use the other apps in this software. This feature is used while you are charging your phone and the battery is very low.

7. Create a Password for Computer Backups

Using the developer mode, you can password protect your database on your computer.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Android?

In this, we shall be talking about the standard process of enabling the developer mode. The process can be completed in few easy steps if you follow the instructions properly. I have described all of it in very simple terms so that you can apply it to yourself.

  1. First of all, go to the settings icon (settings) on your phone.
  2. After that go to the “About device” at the bottom of the settings.
  3. A list will open up from which you need to click on “Build number” seven times.
  4. After you do this, you will see that a notification will show up saying the developer mode has been enabled.
  5. After this again scroll down and you will see an option by the name “Developer settings”.

This is how you can enable the developer mode in your Android Device. It is easy to complete this task and you can do it in few easy steps.

How to Disable Developer Mode on Android?

You should turn off the developer’s mode once you have finished with all the work. In some cases, it is recommended to disable developer mode once you have used any functionality. Now in this part, we shall be disabling the developer’s mode in the Android app. The process is very simple and you can also do the same. I have taken care to explain the whole thing as simply as possible.

  1. First of all, go to the settings of the device as done previously.
  2. Then from the list of things that appear tap on developer’s mode.
  3. A new window shall open up.
  4. Now you will come to a toggle where you need to switch off the toggle.
  5. Now the developer’s mode is disabled in your phone and it has returned to its default state.

This is how you have to disable the developer’s mode, once you have done this, your phone will return to normal condition.


Here are some important FAQs by the users.

1. What is the developer mode in Android?

The developer mode is another mode of Android software that is used by developers when they are testing their Android app. When you are in this mode, you can do a lot more than you could previously do.

2. What are the possible things you can do when you enable the developer mode?

You can do a lot more with your Android phone when you enable the developer mode. You can hide your location, make your phone run faster and do much more. I have mentioned this in detail in the article.


Hope you now understand how to enable or disable developer mode on Android. You can now go ahead and implement it for yourself. The process is very simple. If you find some difficulty you can again go and read the article. This will help you understand the article. I hope you are satisfied and with this note, end my article over here.

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