Lost your Galaxy buds case and now you are anxious about it, then this article is for you. Let me tell you that there is nothing to worry about it. Your Galaxy Buds has a special feature by which you can locate them. In this article, we shall be talking about how to find a lost galaxy buds case. We shall be discussing the various scenarios around it. Everything will be explained in very simple terms so that you can understand everything.

Apart from that, we shall also include some important things which shall be very helpful for you. Earphones are a very important thing for any smartphone user. It is very genuine when anyone gets afraid. This is why we have made this article very detailed. After this article whenever such situations arise you will be able to find your earbuds very soon. So let us now see the various ways how to find lost galaxy buds case?

How to Find Missing Galaxy Buds?

The Galaxy buds have a unique feature by which you can find it. Using the Galaxy wearable app, you can easily locate your Galaxy buds using the Galaxy wearable app. Once the app finds your earbuds, the earbuds will play a strong sound and you can then find them.

Remember you can only find your earbuds if they are within 10 meters from the  Galaxy phone. This is very important that the earbuds are within 10 meters radius. You can ensure this by moving around so that the earbuds can sometimes come within that 10 m radii and start beeping.

Now we will see how exactly you can find the missing Galaxy buds using the Galaxy wearable app. This method can be done in few easy steps. You can see for yourself and implement them.

  1. First of all fo to your Samsung device.
  2. After that go to the Galaxy Wearable app and click it open.
  3. Next, you need to scroll down and open Find My Earbuds.
  4. After you have done this go ahead and click on “Start”.
  5. First, the earbuds will start playing the beeping sound slowly after that, it will increase its sound.
  6. Now you can move around the house and see where you have kept your House.
  7. Once you find it, click on the stop button to stop the alarm.

While doing this, try moving at extreme distances, this will increase the probability of letting the bud come within the radius. Try staying at a place for some time so that after sometimes when the earbuds increase the sound, you can locate it.

Remember this method will only occur if your Galaxy device is connected to your earbuds.  Sometimes, even after doing an extensive search, you will not be able to hear the beep of earbuds. This is due to several reasons. In the next part let us see why this problem occurs.

Why Earbuds Sometimes do not Beep?

Sometimes, users are unable to locate the earbuds as they are not beeping anymore. This situation happens because of various reasons. Below I am listing down all of them.

  1. The first reason why your earbuds might not beep is that they have run out of power. i.e their battery is dead.
  2. Sometimes the touchpad of the earbud is covered with dust and so the sound does not come out.
  3. You are simply not in the range of your earbuds.
  4. Sometimes, some external device interferes with the IR device. This prevents the app from detecting the earbuds as it cannot establish any connections.
  5. The automatic mute features may have been enabled as soon as you removed the earphone.

These are some of the probable reasons why your earphone is not beeping. There can also be other reasons by these are the most common ones. Do take care of these factors also while you locate your earbuds.

How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case?

It is easy to locate your earbuds but when it comes to the earbud case, there is not anyway. The case is not electronically to your Galaxy device. This is why you cannot locate it just like earbuds. The most you can do is to again go and look at the place where you had lost it. As the people around if they had seen an earbuds case. Describe to them how your case looked.

Now, you cannot go and buy the case separately so you need to buy the whole earbuds set now. This is also somewhat justified as the case itself would have been costly enough. So you would go for a full earbud set i.e the earbuds along with the case. It is, therefore, better if you go ahead and buy a new set for yourself.

Buy A New Earbuds Set

The last option is to open your purse and buy a new Galaxy earbud set. There are several earbuds available at a very reasonable price. Before you go ahead to buy a new earbud case, you can contact the support center of Samsung. You can ask them if they can do something about it. If nothing is working, you need to get a new earbud. In this you need to pay a sum of 170 dollars and the call center guy can order one for you immediately.

You can either look up at Amazon and see the cost of the new earbuds. There are several earbud cases that you can buy from Amazon or Flipkart. Over here you can find a huge price range.  Let me give you a piece of advice here, you can wait for some time, Amazon gives a huge discount during festival times.

You buy during this time and save more money. So if I had to answer your question about how to find a lost galaxy buds case? it would be that you cannot get your earbud case, you need to buy a new one.


Hope you now know the answer to the question of how to find a lost galaxy buds case? I understand this might be very negative for you but this is the solution. One piece of advice is that keep your earbuds charged properly. Apart from that do keep your earbuds connected to your Galaxy phone.

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