The popularity of CBD has risen tremendously over the past few years as the compounds within the oil have been helping people cope with a variety of health conditions. Many parents and adults hear these stories and wonder if CBD can help themselves? It can be extremely difficult for parents to watch their children deal with health conditions and not know how to help them. Many of them think about CBD as an option, but wonder how safe it is. They think about the legality of the products, how the potency will affect them, and the side effects. Luckily, the CBD industry has made great strides since the Farm Bill of 2018 and hemp-derived CBD is legal in most states so locating quality products from reputable companies like CBDfx has never been easier! A number of questions may arise when thinking about if CBD products could be the right choice for you, so let’s cover some basic CBD information and tackle some of those questions.

What Is CBD Exactly?

There are hemp-derived CBD oils as well as cannabis-derived CBD oils. Interestingly, they both come from the same plant family, Cannabis Sativa L, but have extreme potency differences, as well as a few other key differences. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and hemp-derived CBD has potency levels that are less than 0.3 % (but can also have zero percent), whereas cannabis-derived CBD can go up to 30% THC. For children, hemp-derived CBD is a better option so they don’t have to be exposed to the possibility of psychoactive effects. The compounds within CBD oil interact naturally with our endocannabinoid system to send signals to receptors in our central nervous system, CB1, and CB2.

Different Types Of CBD Oil

When you’re looking for hemp-based CBD oils, you’ll run across three different kinds: full-spectrum oil, broad-spectrum oil, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum oils are praised because the entirety or “full-spectrum” of the compounds found within the plant are available in this version because the whole plant is actually processed. Even with a minuscule amount of 0.3 % THC, this percentage combined with CBD ignites the “entourage effect”. This is a synergistic effect when all those components are working together to create the highest, most effective therapeutic benefits.

Broad-spectrum oil is created in the same manner as full spectrum oil except any and all traces of THC have been removed. You still have a good number of compounds at work, but you won’t receive the enhanced therapeutic effects of the combination.

CBD isolate oil is created by strictly isolating the CBD and creating oil from the process. It leaves you with an oil that is upwards of 90% pure CBD oil.

It’s helpful to note that none of these options will make your child feel “stoned”, so it’s up to you to access your child’s personal needs along with what you are hoping to achieve with administering the CBD oil. C

How Can CBD Help?

CBD has proved to be helpful in a number of health conditions that adults may encounter. The decision to try CBD oil for you or your loved one can be challenging, but sometimes it proves to be a safer, more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. CBD is non-habit forming and has fewer side effects than a lot of those prescription medications. Here are a few health issues parents have started treating with CBD for.

  • ADHD:

There have been few studies concerning CBD and anxiety in adults, but in those few, it was shown to enable focus and help calm down when needed as CBD has been attributed with mood enhancement and stabilization.

  • Autism:

The most common symptom autistic patients exhibit is aggressiveness and restlessness, and the components of CBD have been shown to increase calm feelings and help them sleep when needed as well. There have been promising studies to show the effectiveness linked between CBD and lowering symptoms of autism.

  • Cancer:

CBD is not a cancer treatment, but it has been noted that continued CBD use can help diminish and reduce the size of tumors. It can also help alleviate the side effects of common cancer treatments and medications–making the patient more comfortable through the process.

  • Epilepsy/ Seizures

CBD has a powerful capability to help those who suffer from seizures, especially those who have rare conditions such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Many people became aware of how CBD could help minimize seizures from the case of Charlotte Figi. She was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome from a very young age and was having multiple seizures a day—up to 300 a week. Her mother found someone in Colorado to make CBD oil for her and Charlotte’s seizures drastically decreased. This has prompted the first FDA approved medication for epilepsy, Epidiolex.

How To Find A Quality Product

If you decide you are going to try a CBD product for yourself or friend, you should take the time and find a reputable company making the highest quality CBD products. You should pay close attention to the third-party lab results for each product. You want to make sure the product you get is free of any harmful pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. By checking the certificate of analysis, you can see the specifics, most of the time at the batch level, so you can see exactly what went into that product.

You should also take a look at the variety of products that the company offers. Depending on your needs and wants – there are many different options such as CBD oils, gummies, topicals, and a few more.

Legality Concerns

The legality of CBD has been a longstanding concern for adults and patients who have thought about employing CBD. Hemp is the cousin of marijuana, and the latter has been criminalized for quite some time, but The Farm Bill of 2018 decriminalized hemp and enabled commercial agricultural production of hemp plants being less than 0.3 % THC. So, hemp and hemp-derived CBD products are legal in most states. This is wonderful news for those who depend on these products for their health needs.

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