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Every living thing experiences growth in one form or the other. This growth process entails this living organism going through the different phases of life naturally expected of it to gain full maturity.

Among humans, growth has a lot to do with increased/improved ability and performance in a number of different activities. It is the norm that individuals are expected to grow to their full potential, wherein failure to grow fully is deemed an abnormality and something that has to be rectified.

What is a Growth Hormone?

As can be deduced from the name, it is the hormone in the body primarily responsible for the growth in humans. It gets released from the anterior pituitary gland (which also produces other hormones aside that for growth in the body) into the bloodstreams.

When there is a deficiency, the most obvious result is that a young child will have poor growth. This, however, is not the only effect of this deficiency as it can affect both the growing child and adults.

In adults, it can result in increased fat in the body. They also run a very high risk of having heart diseases because of their weak heart. Furthermore, anyone with this deficiency, adult or child, would generally have weak bones and muscles.

While sometimes, people have this condition from birth, there are times when this condition may develop due to one condition or another. A few conditions that can result in this include:

  • The growth of a tumor in the pituitary gland.
  • Any other damage to the pituitary gland.
  • A case of brain injury.

The general effect, however, whatever the cause of the condition, is that the general wellness and health of such an individual is heavily affected. You can read more about its causes and symptoms here.

Human Growth Hormones to the Rescue

In a bid to rectify this challenge, human growth hormones (HGH for short), also known as somatotropin, was developed. Its primary function is to boost growth by stimulating cell production, reproduction, and regeneration to enable better human development especially as it relates to physical growth.

Thus, it has been used mostly as a treatment for children with growth disorders. Also, it’s been used to treat adult growth hormone deficiency.

However, as has been discovered, its uses are not only limited to boosting or the treatment of growth disorders or deficiencies. In today’s world, it can be used for lots more.

What are Its Other Uses?

A Vitality Booster and an Anti-Aging Drug

Firstly, it is been used in recent years as a form of vitality booster for the elderly. Some others take it to mitigate the effects of old age that is catching up with them.

While these modes of use are generally not approved by the FDA, it has gained traction among the general populace.

For Improved Ability Among Sportsmen

It is also used by athletes as an anabolic agent and has proven to be very effective especially for those in competitive sports. This is because it helps them improve their muscle capacity and ability to exercise extensively which can, in turn, lead to better performances in competitions.

Again, lots of sportsmen make use of this treatment despite it being classified as a performance-enhancing drug. This subject is looked at extensively by Harvard Medical School in this article here: https://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/growth-hormone-athletic-performance-and-aging.

It is important to note that these other uses of the HGH are not approved by health authorities. Therefore, any other use this product is used for outside of the generally approved lines is regarded as abuse.

Mode of Treatment

The treatment mode that is mostly used for both children and adults is the growth hormone therapy. This is the mode most preferred by doctors for the treatment of this condition, and it is done using HGH injections developed in labs.

This product is made to be exactly like what the pituitary gland produces. This thus ensures that it is not just safe to use, but that it is also very efficacious for the treatment it is to be used for.

The severity of the deficiency will generally determine the dosage, which can be daily or at different times in the week. This treatment procedure, will often last years, especially for the young ones.

Side Effects

Generally, these treatments do not come with a whole lot of side effects. However, as can be seen from this article, there might be a few side effects to the treatment on some persons depending on their health challenge.

These side effects might include:

  • Muscle pains.
  • Discomfort in the joints.
  • The swelling of both the hands and feet.
  • Constant heavy headaches.

Persons who experience any of these symptoms during the treatment period or any other health complications should be sure to report to their doctors. They will be in the best position to make whatever recommendations or prescriptions that are necessary.

It is also important to note that people with certain pre-existing conditions should not undergo this treatment as it is not safe or advisable for them.

Examples of such conditions include:

  • Those with complications arising from some previous surgeries.
  • Those with breathing or respiratory challenges.
  • Those suffering from cancer.
  • Those with other serious health challenges.

Where Can It Be Gotten?

We can find the human growth hormone for sale practically everywhere. In fact, it is big business. There numerous platforms online and otherwise from which it can be gotten.

The key, however, is that it is not to be sourced from just any platform or vendor. You should only go for reliable platforms both online and offline. This will help ensure that purchases are made only from certified pharmaceutical outlets.

Also, considering that there are many possible side effects to its use, it is best that this treatment be recommended to you by a health expert.


The advancements in medical health keep coming up with solutions to the numerous health challenges that bedevil human society. However, with the prospect of a solution comes other challenges that need to be addressed in the long walk to perfecting these procedures. One such challenge is abuse, a challenge that proper information and education can help put a stop to.

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