GameStop's wild ride: how Reddit traders sparked a 'short squeeze' | Financial Times

The year certainly kicked off with plenty of excitement as those looking to find investment opportunities have had plenty of choices to choose from – the year started off with the NFT market which provided a digital collectors space for art and things like music in particular as one of the bigger markets to see excitement, but as many had expected the NFT bubble quickly burst, and now other investment opportunities have started to become a bigger opportunity – but which have been the biggest?

Crypto still remains a big choice – Always being a volatile and uncertain investment, the start of 2021 certainly brought plenty of opportunities. From the news that big companies like Tesla may accept Bitcoin as a form of payment until environmental concerns led them to pull back, through to bitcoin already being a prominent feature for online services like non gamstop casino bitcoin sites in particular. Other opportunities came from the likes of Dogecoin as some investors believed it could be the second coming of the bigger coins with the price increase until things had settled down somewhat. Whilst still a difficult investment as volatility and uncertainty will always be a big part of crypto.

Exciting opportunities in certain markets – The start of 2021 also brought different opportunities with investment choices, the big one that got the most news coverage was with GameStop and the ongoing battle between the Wallstreetbets community and the big hedge funds that held a large short position. Continuing to be in the news for the huge losses that have been seen, there are a huge number of people simply holding on for a price increase. Others also fit into this space too with the likes of AMC as suggestions are that retail traders now hold over 90% of the stock, and whilst not gaining nearly as much coverage is another one that the same community is holding on to in hopes of a big payout at the end.

Other opportunities have presented themselves as well with the growing online entertainment space in particular too, although these often start at a higher price point with already established success, the changes being seen with things like the box office moving to the online space will certainly bolster these services further. Traditional land-based gaming has also seen a surge as locations like Caesars have noted an uptick in investment as bookings have managed to remain high despite the difficult year and as travel looks to be back on the cards once again too, and all have been a great investment choice for those looking forward to taking advantage of retail trading opportunities throughout the start of this year and moving forward too as retail trading becomes much more accessible.

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