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If you hate ironing just as much as we do, you have two options – either opt for professional ironing services or, even better, invest in clothing that wouldn’t require ironing at all! If you already own such fabrics, don’t ever commit the mistake of ironing them – they are delicate fibers and will get easily damaged when exposed to the heat of an iron.  If you’d rather a professional to iron your clothes for you then you can find your perfect helper over at Helpling.  We have 100s of specialist cleaners that are more than happy to do your ironing.

Either way, we’ve listed down the fabrics that don’t need to iron at all.

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If you’re in the habit of ironing your denim when they’re straight out of the dryer, it’s time to stop. Denim has an inherent quality of getting rid of creases by itself once it dries. Instead of ironing your denim just because they look crumpled, wait until they are completely dry. You will notice that the creases are no longer there, and your denim looks just as perfect!


An excellent fabric, wool does not require ironing at all. It may appear wrinkled and all crumpled up after a wash, but that doesn’t mean you need to iron it right away. Instead, wait for it to dry, and the creases will vanish right away.

Even if the fabric is not purely wool and is a wool blend, you need not iron it. All you have to do is a wash and allow it to dry up in the sun – this is the best way to keep your winter wear safe.


100% polyester fabric would never require ironing. So make sure you check the label of the apparel to know the fabric composition. Up to 65% polyester fabric will not wrinkle, but if your clothing has more of another material and less of polyester, it will wrinkle, which means you need ironing. In this case, you can simply dampen the fabric a little and use a spray bottle and gently iron the cloth. In this way, the material will stay intact and not get damaged at all.


The go-to fabric choice for workout wear, spandex is a mix of multiple other fabrics and does not require ironing at all. Even if it does crease after a wash, it has the quality to retain its original, crease-free form instantly after it dries. Also, it is a stretchable material, so your creases will barely be visible if at all you see some!


The whole idea of knits is to get rid of ironing. There are three types of knits – cotton knits, wool knits, and synthetic knit fibers. Knits have the right mix of these fabrics, making them completely wrinkle-free. These fabrics are popular for their low-maintenance attribute and are the perfect choice for you, especially if you aren’t fond of ironing at all.

And if you’d prefer to sit back and let someone else do your ironing then find your perfect helper at Helpling!

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