Choosing the right website to do your work can be tough. The same is the situation when it comes to premium link generators. So, let me help you with choosing the best premium link generators. I’ve prepared a list of the top 10 free premium link generators with some detailed information about each regarding all the features they offer. You can go through them and choose the one that best for you.

And, let me tell you, all the mentioned sites are not just filed hosting services but also leeching sites.  These prove to be the best file hosting services coming with all the required as well as some additional features. You can choose the free ones or the premium ones. Although, obviously the paid ones will provide you with more interesting features. The choice is yours. So now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it.

The premium link generators can be referred to as tools or the sources that allow you to download files for free. Moreover, these free premium link generator websites offer you high speed to download your data.

These sites make available to you the premium link of a file without even having a premium account. And, you can access this without paying a single penny and enjoy all the benefits a premium user does. You can use both your android devices as well as your PC to access these sites.


You use these premium link generators to download files from premium file hosters without paying a single cent. You get full premium content which is sometimes not available through torrent sites. When downloading files from the free premium link generator you don’t have to check and study the number of peers and seeds of a file. As here the speed of download is independent of the number of peers and seeds.

Moreover, unlike the pirated websites, these generators are more secure and offer a better download speed when you’re using the premium versions. But, if you’re downloading files as a free user on those premium hosting sites, it might take some time to make the file available, as well as the downloading speed might be comparatively slower.

Free Premium Link Generators of 2021

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best free premium link generators. These listed below excel in terms of security, speed, and many more things. Plus they’ll offer you a better service with an easy-to-use interface that makes your experience even better.

Some might have particular advantages over others so make sure to check them out carefully. Then compare them according to your convenience and choose the best one for you.

1. Neo DeBrid

Neo Debrid is one of the best free premium link generators out there. The site just needs you to create an account and sign in. Once you get through that, you can enjoy the great service this site provides to generate fast links up to 1Gb. Also, it has an easy interface so you don’t need to waste much time learning how to use the site.

You can get all the basic features if you’re using it for free. But, the premium subscription gives you some amazing features like 30+ Filehos, No Captcha to get on with the process, multiple link generations, download managers, etc.


2. DeepBrid

Deepbrid is a very famous Rapidgator link generator site that can be used to download premium links from RapidGator and other websites too. It allows you to download four to five files with a max size of 1.2GB per file.

But, you don’t need to be a paid user to do that as it is accessible without registration. The easy-to-use free premium link generators site is mostly known for its instant and accurate links.


3. CoolLeech

Cocoleech is another RapidGator link generator that provides a very high-quality service. It lets you download up to 10 files without paying a single penny and on top of it, you can make many links with the free version. But, always register before you can use these free benefits for a better experience.

Also, the premium version offers you torrent support, 35+ file hosts, an ad-free experience along with some loyalty points. The site makes sure that you’re safe and provides high anonymity. Also, the website provides 24/7 support.


4. Premium Leech

PremiumLeech is a famous Premium Link generator, especially amongst marketers. The site used to support more than 4-5 file hosting services. But until recently, it has some changes and now only supports only two of them.

With that, it focuses mainly on uploaded hosting websites. Although a bit underrated, it provides all the other features and great service like every site mentioned here. So, this site is worth trying. Click on the link above to check it out.



GeneratorLinkPremium is one of the most trustworthy free premium link generator websites out there. It even has a massive following on its social media platform because of the content it provides. Along with the content, it offers security uses the Captcha verification feature to keep your file and downloading secure and safe from any harm.

The easy-to-use interface makes sure to give you a smooth experience while using the site. Moreover, currently, the site supports more than 12 hosting websites together, which is an inviting range of options to access the much-needed data.


6. Leech All

Offering more than 10-15 hosting services as an option, Leech All is a massive website when it comes to free premium link generators. Although there are a few pop-ups in between, this site provides you with all you need along with a smooth interface.

And, you have the option to download up to 3Gb of data per day. Also, the customer service is always there for you, whenever you’re facing any kind of technical issue. Additionally, you have the feature to count the per day Gb allotted to you as a guest.


7. LeechNinja

LeechNinja is a top-rated premium link generator site. Here, other than generating the usual premium links, you can also generate premium links for other premium file-hosting sites. The website offers a safe and secure platform to do so. The site gets updated regularly, hence has a very minimal amount of bugs.

Also, it keeps posting news related to all the changes as well as other information on its official website as well as its social media handle. Along with that, you get a user-friendly interface which therefore makes uploading and generating links, a hassle-free experience.


REEVOWN CLOUD  is another website on the list of premium link generators. Like the above-mentioned websites, this also provides you will all the required features and can help you download 1 GB of data every hour through the 84 mirrors it handles.

It provides rich and informative content, unlike all the other shady sites. Also, with their new interface update, it shows traffic information, giving the users accurate information about the amount of GB they can use per premium host.


You don’t need to worry about safety as you can even choose a password for whoever wishes to download the data from the link you share. And, most importantly, you get an ad-free experience as there are no pop-up advertisements while you wait for the link to be ready.

Uploaded Premium Link is another free premium link generator that shows works efficiently giving your a stress-free experience. Along with it, it also shows your server usage, statistics, server host, server limit, and traffic used. So, this information helps you to check the server’s limit so you know when one premium file hoster is not working.

Then you can jump to another premium file host. Some of the premium file hosters you can download from this site are;, file factory, MEGA, ifichier, and Uptobox with a more than 6GB server limit.


The only drawback of this amazing site is the ads in between. If you don’t have any problem with that, then this site can be the best for you.

10. 10 Download

10 Download is a simple site with its easy-to-use interface that makes it worthy of being on the list of these free premium link generator sites. Although you have to go through a few ads in between, the stress-free process of this website makes you avoid its little drawbacks.

All you have to do is visiting their site, paste your link, get the download link, download. The site supports only two hosts, and 1fichier, and offers file limits of 800MB and 2048MB respectively.

Top 17 Premium Link Generators [Free, No Limit]

Apart from all these above-mentioned sites, you can even check out some more sites mentioned below. These also offer you similar features and take care of all the basic requirements. Along with that, the service they provide is equally good along with some minor drawbacks like the other sites. Go on, check them out and choose the one best for you.

  1. Neo Debrid
  2. Deepbrid
  3. Cocoleech
  4. PremiumLeech
  5. GeneratorLinkPremium
  6. Leech All
  7. Leech.Ninja
  9. Uploaded Premium Link
  10. 10 Download
  11. PremiumZen
  12. Dasan
  13. HyperDebrid
  14. Hungry Leech
  15. GIGALeecher
  16. Leech360
  17. VNZ-Leech

Final Words

With these, we conclude our article on free premium link generators. As I said earlier, some might have the upper hand over the other when it comes to specific features. So, make sure that you check them out one by one, analyze them according to your requirements.

I hope the one that you choose helps you accordingly. Let me know in the comments section which site worked the best for you. Also, if I missed out on any of the major sites that work equally well, please feel free to drop their names in the comment box.

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