As Andrew Zimmern once said: “Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen”. In most homes, this statement couldn’t be more accurate. The kitchen is viewed as the heart of the home and is often built in a way that resembles the people using the space.

Kitchen trends and needs change as the world evolves. What was once deemed essential a few years ago is now viewed to be redundant and of no use. The good news is that there are simple ways to give your kitchen a quick refresh without breaking the bank.

5 ways to revamp your kitchen without breaking the bank - Diy, Lifestyle

Quick Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen

  1. Add color: This can be done in so many different ways and can easily breathe new life into your kitchen. You can paint one of the walls a statement color or use wallpaper to give it a more unique look. Colorful appliances are also a great addition to any kitchen. If you’re truly looking for a change, you could paint your kitchen cabinets or tiles to shake things up – you no longer need to rip things out to make a change. All you need to do is research your project and then head to your nearest home depot.
  2. Accessorize the walls: Floating shelves, vintage crockery, and even framed posters can give your kitchen a new personality. Before adding things to your walls, be sure that they are able to withstand the heat and moisture of the kitchen. Avoid placing things near the sink or stove to prevent damage.
  3. Add some life: Indoor plants are a major trend and, in most cases, they’re really easy to maintain. If you’re a fan of using herbs in your dishes, why not add a mini herb garden to your kitchen? You could plant them in a vertical garden, hanging planters, or even on your windowsill. Before heading to your nearest nursery, make sure that the plants you are looking for can thrive in an indoor environment, as well as the maintenance that they require.
  4. Put it on display: If you’re a collector of vintage cooking items or simply have beautiful cutlery and crockery that you would like to show off, why not look into replacing your cabinet doors with display doors? Not only will this add to the aesthetic of the kitchen, but it will also make it easier to find things.
  5. Rearrange the room: If there are elements in the room that you can change around, do so. Move the clock to a different wall, switch up the curtains or blinds, repack shelves and move around the toaster, kettle, and other appliances. If you haven’t got any comfortable seating, add a chair where you can play right here or even a small sofa. Sometimes, small changes make big differences.

The Sky Is The Limit

Revamping any space, not only the kitchen, is no longer a matter of ripping everything out and starting from scratch. Depending on what you’re trying to do, there are a lot of cost-effective options available that will make the world of difference. Social media is a great place to follow the latest trends and even follow some really easy DIY project videos.

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