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UFABET.CAM is among the best websites where you can access live casino games, ranging from baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Live Hilo, roulette, blackjack, and Hi-Lo Thai to Fish Prawn Crab – sounds like a recipe, but it is actually a game. In this article, we will delve deeper into how live casinos work. Read on.

The delight of playing casinos is undeniable. Nowadays, players get more convenience playing casinos because they can now play them anytime and anywhere, whenever they want it, in the comfort of their respective homes or with their devices through the emergence of online casinos.

Several professional gamblers tend to stick to the most popular online casinos that have a good reputation. As a matter of fact, it is a very sound and conscious strategy for high rollers since they will only trust their finances and money with the top Internet casino websites. One of the game forms in online casinos is the live casino.

Live casinos, otherwise known as live dealer casinos, let players interact with human dealers in real-time without needing to physically visit a casino establishment. Dedicated gaming studios televise these games with the help of video cameras. But how does a live casino work? We will learn about the details here.

What Makes Live Casinos Unique?

Individuals who have been gambling for several years claim that the Return to Player or RTP at Internet casinos is better than at land-based casinos. Moreover, there are also others who argue that slot games have the best RTP. However, to be fair, statistics show that RTP in both these types of casino games is pretty much similar.

However, most of the industry’s leading live casinos you will encounter around using gaming software that is provided by registered companies. But why is there so much thrill when playing live casinos? A live casino is a form of Internet casino run in real-time and live by human dealers. With this setup, players can play using their devices as their computers and get a similar experience with or even better experience than land-based casinos. There are even live casinos that let players play using their mobile gadgets. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Even though all things seem computerized, casino operators still need to place much investment into technology in these casinos and the staff. An average live casino will need a casino studio, a croupier, a camera operator, a pit boss, and an information manager. Here is the reality. You will only find a countable number of casino games because of the costs involved in launching and running a live casino. They include live blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette, live poker, live sic bo, and the like.

A live casino floor commonly consists of three rooms, specifically the software room, the studio room, and the analyst room. However, this setup varies depending on the casino. Players must follow and adhere to certain policies to be able to enjoy the game fully. You will learn more about these a little later on.

Technologies Needed For Live Casinos

From what you learned a while ago, the setup of live casinos varies. It generally depends on the casino’s willingness to invest and spend. Below are some key technologies you would generally find in many live casino operations.

A live casino would not be a live casino without a camera. Cameras are what make live streaming all possible. Both the live casino venue and the player need a camera so there is a smooth live chat between the player and the live dealer. For example, let us take a look at live roulette. In this game, there are three separate cameras. One is at the table, the wheels, and the other is for what they regard as a picture-in-picture display.

Moreover, live casinos also have the Game Control Unit or GCU. It is an essential part of live casinos. It is a bit smaller than a shoebox, and each table has this box. This box is responsible for the encoding of the video broadcast. With this GCU’s assistance, the live dealer can run the game. In other words, live casinos will not occur without this GCU.

Important Components In Live Casinos

What are the essential components in live casinos? You have learned some a while ago, and we will discuss them further below.


Cameras are vital for the successful streaming of live casino games. Today’s latest technological innovations and breakthroughs have enabled smaller yet powerful cameras to be utilized for streaming live feeds.

Game Control Unit

This GCU, as introduced earlier, is probably the most crucial component of live casinos. Every table has a GCU. This GCU is the true specialist that assists the dealer in running the game. No live casino is possible without this equipment.


Depending on the game type, live casino rooms may also include a wheel. Casinos work with big manufacturers of casino configuration; generally, wheels also have built-in sensors as the casino software interfaces them.

Live Dealer

Live dealers cannot be absent in a live casino. They are responsible for managing the game, so the player does not feel the slightest differences between the Internet-based format and the traditional format of these casino games. The live dealer must be familiar with the game’s rules, so they undergo thorough and rigorous training. Today, many live casino players track the actions of the live dealer using a smart card.


Of course, a monitor is also needed. Monitors can show what online gamblers see on their screens. There are options for players not to be seen directly on the screen, so they sit in an alternative position. Many cameras have “blind spots.”

These monitors are important for the dealer as well as they urge them to take their actions when needed and enable them to keep track of the bets placed and closed. These monitors also allow dealers to see online and active players. As mentioned earlier, players and live dealers engage in a live chat, so the game is properly run.


Live casinos are among the newest forms of gambling. Did you know about that? Knowing how a live casino works will make you appreciate playing the game even more. The same action that goes on in land-based casinos happens in live casinos.

However, the biggest difference between a land-based and a live casino is that players and gamblers can place their bets right from their homes without disrupting the excitement of the game. We hope you learned from this piece. Feel free to share this around.

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