How to make money in the crypto bear market? Actually, apart from accumulating bitcoins at a good price, you have three other options.

The first option – is learning, now is the time to pump your skills in cryptocurrencies, and often crypto projects reward your efforts with tokens with a very good price;

The second option – speculation, even in the current bear market of cryptocurrencies some coins can give 30-100% on some event. Such trades are very risky, but there is a chance;

The third option – trading, which is the biggest risk of all the listed options. But if you manage to become a trader on the bear market of cryptocurrencies, you will have no equal on the bull market.


The bear market is actually a very good time because you have a certain peace of mind, of course, if your portfolio is not showing -70%. It’s about not having to watch the market every day and worrying about FOMO, you can distract yourself and find time to pump your professional skill in cryptocurrencies.

For many people, entering the world of cryptocurrencies was something like this. A friend told you that it was possible to make money on some token. You were shown how to put money into the exchange, you were shown how to buy, you got losses because you bought it at the peak, but you believe that it will definitely grow back. Now also many of those, for whom their first deal in crypto world was staking UST, and we think that everybody knows how it ended. 

That’s all, as they say, I tried cryptocurrencies and didn’t like it. However, this is a really big industry with a lot of opportunities, and while the market is quiet, it’s time to figure it out.

We are not going to agitate you to buy some courses, although there are some, and some of them are really useful. But right now, we are not urging you to buy knowledge. It’s certainly an option, but also just a theory. It is much better now to engage directly in practice.

From our notional amount, you can allocate $100 to $200 to buy a few coins from the top 10 cryptocurrencies. For example, you can buy Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Binance coin (BNB), and Cardano (ADA). After that, you create wallets in the network, withdraw funds there, try to make an exchange on a decentralized exchange, delegate some tokens to stake, create a liquidity pool, etc. The money you allocate to these needs will bring you the experience you need so that when the market starts to be active again, you won’t stand by and wait for a comment to tell you where to buy this coin. At that time, you will already know how the basic mechanisms work, and you will be able to act.

By the way, such training can also be a way to earn money. One can recall the story of the leading decentralized exchange Uniswap, which made a furor when it was the first in the crypto-world to give out tokens to users. There are rumors, partly backed up by developers, that the popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask will also be issuing its token in a similar scheme. And there are also many new crypto projects that are currently in the testing phase and are willing to pay with tokens to participate in this process.

The last option is interesting because although you do not know exactly whether there will be a reward and in what amount, you can do it with zero investment. At a minimum, you’ll get experience, and at a maximum, you’ll also get tokens, which you can then sell, sometimes very profitable.


If you want to make money in a bear market and have the money you can generally afford to lose and it won’t affect your life in any way, then you can consider speculation.

We will warn you again, it is a very big risk to lose all the money, but if you are not stopped by common sense and our warnings, then you can act according to this scheme.

Look, the cryptocurrency market is very dull right now, but it’s not dead, and if you know how to look for opportunities, then you can see them. Recent such opportunities have been ApeCoin and TRON. For example, on the first round of NFT-land sales in the future meta-universe from bored apes, you could earn up to 160%:

You should have just bought the token at the announcement of the event and got out before it happened, a classic “buy on the rumor and sell on news” scheme.

Or the TRON story: on April 21, Justin Sun announced the launch of the USDD stablecoin on May 5. Those who believed in Justin’s and TRON’s success could earn up to 48% on this news:

What do I need to do to not miss the next such opportunity? To begin with, return to point #1 and learn how to work with cryptocurrencies and exchanges, also begin to understand which projects have value and which are outright rubbish, understand which events lead to a downfall, where and how to monitor news, to have time to start, and the most useful skill – is profit fixing, without which there is no way at all.

We must remind you that such speculation on events is a very big risk, but if you have mastered the aforementioned skills, you can allocate an amount of $100 to $300 and try to make money. Pumps come out several times worse in terms of earnings than during a bull market, but according to various estimates, it may still take from six months to two years to get there, and you want the money here and now.


Many people who bought and earned on altcoins last year during the rise consider themselves traders, and now, when they lose their deposits, they blame the exchanges, manipulators, Biden, and anyone else but themselves. Although the answer is on the surface: the market has changed, and now it is necessary to use completely different strategies and approaches to trading.

It is the bear market that shows who is really a trader and who has had short-term success in a bull market and now doesn’t know what to do next. If the speculation we talked about before is a big risk, then trading is a big risk squared.

However, our task is first of all to get experience. Then we will convert it into money after the bulls come back. That’s why it makes sense to try yourself in cryptocurrency trading for a small amount of $100 to $300. Here are the latest bitcoin fluctuations in a small sideways drift, if you take at least a third of each of these movements, it will be a pretty good result overall. 

We are not going to advise you to buy training or cool indicators from someone. The fact is that all these things are very situational, and for someone, these indicators or robots work, while for another person, they will not have any result.

No trader knows exactly where the market will go, and no trading bot is able to outplay the market for a long time. That is why you have to do everything by yourself, learn in practice, and this is the only way to build your own trading system. What you have to learn is trading psychology, how to control yourself and not to lose on your emotions.

The next step is discipline so you can take a systematic approach and write down all your trades so you can draw conclusions and find mistakes later. And make sure you study risk management. Start with the basic rule of two and six percent. 

Note that we haven’t said anything yet about indicators or signals to trade by. For successful trading, you need to find your approach to the market. Everybody does it in his own way, and there is a lot of information about different trading strategies on the net. You can easily find and study it, but that doesn’t mean that it will work. You have to take the knowledge and learn how to use it and adjust it to your own needs. If someone tells you that there is a trading system or indicator which always works, then either this person is blinded by luck and life will soon punish them for it, or else they are just a fraud who wants to make money on you. There is no third option in this matter. 

How much money to allocate for trading, you decide for yourself. Be warned that in 90% of cases the result will be a lost deposit, but you will understand that trading on the crypto market is not for you and you should consider other options, such as passive ways of income or investment. 

If you still have money left over from our notional $1,000, we hope you do. If you do it right, Then start building a long-term cryptocurrency portfolio with the prospect of holding it for two or, better yet, three years or more.

Well, and of course start it by buying bitcoin, and then study the projects and think which altcoins will survive the bear market and be relevant in the next bull market.

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