How people view investing actually varies from continent to continent. Overall the information about this financial tool has become pretty accessible worldwide and no matter where you are, there is a high chance that you will find the investors, brokers, and everything in between there as well. But what really varies is the culture and attitudes around this investment as a whole.

There are communities that favor investments every day way more than others and those who still look at investment as something meaningful for those already making more than enough money. In reality, modern-day investments look quite different, more approachable, and easy to manage even for those who don’t really have experience dealing with finances on such a scale.

The main reason why this is is that the accessibility to both the information and the tools and services necessary to start investing has become much more mainstream, but of course, the levels vary which is why the attitudes on different continents are also different.

Probably the continent that comes to everyone’s mind when speaking of investments in North America and there’s a good reason why.

North America and South America

North America is where investing is a given. Meaning that it is common knowledge that as soon as you start making enough money to start saving some, you should already start considering investing, The investment strategies are plenty for anyone who wants to get more in-depth into it, but in America, almost everyone is constantly investing.

People usually turn to stocks and bonds for long term investments that will generate smaller ver venus but the type that you can depend on for the years to come. It is usually assumed that any person that is financially independent is also thinking ahead and investing.

Usually, people start saving up for their retirement through these stocks and bonds but of course, there are more than enough people who do this as a part of their side hustle or even full time. The stockbrokers from North America, particularly the United States, are probably the most famous, mostly thanks to all the Hollywood movies made about all ups and downs of the trading world.

Overall trading and investments, in general, are extremely popular and mainstream here, which is evident by the sheer lack of brokers and people who invest in markets on a day to day basis, in addition to the number of people who view the investment as an essential part of their financial journey. In South America, the situation is quite different and investing remains one of the activities that are preserved for the privileged part of the population.


This might come as a surprise but actually Africa is one of the top destinations for those looking to invest. In particular, the forex market brokers there have become some of the most outstanding professionals and the industry as a whole has taken off in Africa, particularly in South Africa faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

Investment parents are necessarily viewed as essential there, unlike the U.S, but there are still thousands of people who make investment and trade their main job, then there are people who mostly do it as a side thing and aren’t interested in pursuing this full time. Following a guide to online FX trading in South Africa can go a long way.

But the point is, that Africa slowly but surely became the leader in the region where investing through trading has become one of the most popular ways for people to create extra revenue and expand their portfolio


When it comes to investing, Asia doesn’t really like the fast-aces approach that fx trading and stock markets offer. And as mentioned above this doesn’t really mean there aren’t trading community stores.

The Markets are of great interest to many Asian countries about the overall approach to finance differs and more subtle but less risky options are favored over these markets. You can still access a decent amount of brokers and get the help that way, but the industry isn’t nearly as popular over there as it is over at the united stated or in some countries across Europe.

India is one of the standouts across the country and continues to grow its knowledge and influence on the markets. With the population of over a billion, there is no surprise that the trading has taken off there as well and there are large groups of people who do this for a living.

Trading has become very popular in India but is far from overtaking the same groups in the West. Asian markets carry the exact same characteristics but the region prefers to invest in property, less liquid assets, and save up by displaying their outstanding discipline instead of looking for the quick solution that for most are considered too risky.


The way Australia approaches investments is quite similar to the general attitudes about it in Europe and North America. Something else that distinguishes them is their love of gambling and while you might think that the two are unrelated, in reality, there is a clear link between Australia’s love of gambling activity and risk with the investments.

This is not to say that investing and gambling have the same amount of risk and uncertainty but there is something similar here, especially if you are investing in high liquidity markets. the changes could quickly make you a lot richer, or it could take away your month’s worth of work.

While when dealing with the investment the risks are less high, it is only because there are more ways to predict the outcome of transactions, something that in gambling is usually pretty hard to do. But the thrill of the possible win often overtake the rational mind, so it is quite understandable why Aussies love markets and investments as a more responsible way to get their desired dose of risky situations


Europe is definitely racking up its speed when it comes to investments. While the rich Europeans have been investing in property for decades, trading on the stock market or the fx market has been an exclusive activity for the rich for quite some time.

But this is also starting to change as more and more people take an interest in growing their income without having to get a full-time job. European have become more open-minded over time about their regard towards investments.

Even though the regulations have become strict around brokers, since most of them moved to South Africa, the demand hasn’t really dropped much, because for those who want to invest there are other ways to make it happen and for those who have been hit by these new regulations, there is always something more traditional to do.

All in all the approach to investing warriors a lot and before you consider getting involved with brokers from any of these regions it’s always good to have a little heads up. The negative attitudes towards these tools seem to have vanished but making investing more mainstream is still a universal task.

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