Trees come with numerous benefits. When you plant trees, they improve the atmosphere around your area through better air circulation, minimize the noise in your surroundings, and markedly improve the appearance of your location.

In addition to the biological and beauty benefits of trees, tree planting can be turned into a business that can earn you a lot of cash. Some people establish home forests to sell the trees to gain from them once they mature.

Tree planting as a business venture is not simple. You have to know the right type of trees to plant if you want to reap maximum benefits.

Before we get into this list you need to bear in mind we are talking about harvesting the timber of these trees, so you will be planting to remove and mill at a later date. Although all of these timbers do fetch a premium price, it can be expensive to have them removed and the timber milled. The entire process can be anywhere from $500 – $2,500 per tree.


This is also a long term project, so you are looking at a 20 year turn-around time of your investment. But for the cost of seed, you can literally plant your retirement fund on your property now.

Listed below are ten tree species that will earn you a fortune;

Flowering dogwood

If you ask landscapers to name their tree preferences, you will find out that the dogwood is among their top ten trees. Just like its name, this tree species is known for its colorful foliage. These trees also have other benefits, like the Kousa dogwood which is popular due to its ability to resist diseases. These tree species are easy to grow and mature within a short time. It produces sweet red berries, which are a favorite for many people. When you cultivate this tree, you should expect to earn some good cash.

Instant shade-type trees

The instant shade type of trees is on this list because it is a favorite for many homeowners and landscapers. If you are looking for trees to grow in a nursery and sell them later, this is in high demand. The main reason is that they grow into a large tree offering pleasant shade within just one to two years, which is suitable for homes. As a result, such trees fetch a fair price. Due to the ability to grow large within a short time, when selling them, you can quickly sell them in 10-15 gallon pots. Their root system is quick to develop and increases rapidly after planting. The best species to use in this case are the American elm and Red Maple.

Japanese Maple

The first advantage of the Japanese Maple is that there is a lot of demand from homeowners and landscapers. They are easy to handle and can quickly be established in a small nursery.

These trees come in different varieties, which even boosts their benefits for you. The varieties of the Japanese Maple are either green or red and those with the cut or broad leaves. This tree makes an excellent tree for container purposes. You can easily grow hundreds of them in a small area for sale.

Bonsai trees

The first characteristic of Bonsai trees is that they are tiny, and that is one of the things that increases their demand. Due to their small size, they allow people living in cities and towns where there are small yard spaces to have trees in their homes.

The high demand for Bonsai trees makes them expensive. So, if you are looking for trees to help you generate some good profits, this is a notable tree species to work with. You can either sell starter trees that are yet to be trained or sell trained ones. Either way, they will fetch you some good profit.

Hybrid Chestnut

The Hybrid Chestnut can easily be grown in areas with poor weather conditions or hilly where other crops rarely do well. As a result, planting them will not be as expensive. However, due to the development of varieties that can resist blight, it is easy to grow them in many parts of the United States and China.

With this type of tree, you can harvest between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds of nuts from one acre. Alternatively, the trees provide excellent timber upon maturity.

Thornless locust

The Locust variety of trees that are used for better control of erosion and restoration of the land. This benefit has led to huge demand. The Sunburst and Shademaster are thornless tree types that grow fast have been developed.

blossom, bud, honey locust


They are trendy when used for landscaping purposes.


With Willow, you can easily get a market from people making a woven basket or those looking for craft fibers. It is also possible to grow willow shoots, which are in huge demand by florists. It is easy to grow, and with a single tree, you can get hundreds of shoots per year.

Christmas trees

Yes, it is possible to make money from the original Christmas trees. It is currently an endangered species, and if you have the original one, then you can make a lot of money. With these trees, you can sell a freshly cut one Christmas tree for around $42. Since an acre can hold up 1,800 trees, an investment in Christmas tree planting is a worthy investment.

christmas, trees, xmas

Black Walnut

Whenever you plant Black Walnut, you are going to get double income. The first thing is that you can harvest nuts, and once the trees are mature, you will get good timber. With once acre of land taking up to 250 trees, you can make a lot of money from these trees.

Heritage fruit

These are trees that will provide you with a good income from the fruits. One of the most popular ones is the Apple variety. Other varieties that you can plant include Winter Banana, Baldwin, Blue Permain, and Winesap. Such fruits are also shipped to other countries providing huge returns.

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