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Businesses (and sometimes private) individuals need storage space for a wide variety of uses. They often have far more things than they have space for. This means they need to look for that necessary extra space. For example, a company may produce more merchandise than usual to cater to a one-off order and need to find extra space to store the extra products before sending them to the customer or customers.

Luckily, temporary storage buildings can affordably provide that much-needed space in a short timeframe. However, before companies and individuals choose the right storage structures for their use, they need to know what they should look for.

Here are some of the considerations when choosing the right temporary storage buildings:

What you want to store in the temporary storage buildings

It is vital to consider what you intend to store in the temporary storage buildings because it impacts so many other factors — such as the size of the structures, the material to be used, any customization options you might choose, and several other things.

For example, if you want to buy a non-permanent structure to give cover to large machinery and equipment such as combine harvesters, concrete mixers, tractors, etc. you should choose clear span buildings. These are built without internal pillars and are tall, thus allowing for the free movement of machines inside them.

If you want temporary storage buildings for perishable items, you need to consider having refrigeration and better ventilation installed. And for products that need storage like shelves and racks, you must factor that in and have them installed.

The budget allocated for the storage structure

Like with almost everything else, buying or leasing storage buildings requires a budget. As you choose the structures to buy or hire, you need to check how much money you have allocated for them, so you order buildings that fit that budget and still meet your needs.

The good news is that there are several options for acquiring temporary storage buildings, including buying, hiring, and hiring with a plan to buy later. Depending on how long you need the structure, and if you want a customized building, you can contact Smart-Space for a suitable solution that will work perfectly for you.

The size of the temporary storage building

As you order your temporary storage building, you need to keep in mind the size that you want. This depends on the items you want to store, the ground space available to erect the building, and other factors. The beauty of temporary structures is that you can extend them and reduce their size as the need arises without any damage or losses.

Typically, the size or number of items you need to store in the temporary structure determines the size you will have for your storage building. To avoid wasting space or spending more than you should, you can calculate the space needed for the items you want to store so you acquire just enough space.

The materials used to make the storage building

Temporary storage buildings are made of different materials such as canvas and steel covers, steel frames, and others. The choice of the material for your storage space depends on the items you want to store in them, your budget, the length of time you need the store, and other factors.

You can consult Smart-Space, the leading temporary storage building provider for advice on the best materials to choose for your building’s intended use. The materials also vary in density and strength so they will also advise if you need a structure with a heavy steel cladding or a less dense cover.


Temporary storage buildings help their users to meet their storage needs urgently and at affordable budgets. When choosing the right structure for your needs, you need to consider what you want to store in them, the budget allocated, and the size of the items, just to mention a few.

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