The much-anticipated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is upon us, and what better way to prepare yourself than with a guide? This list of lenses will prepare you for the twists and turns of the metaphysical adventure.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one of many stories told in the MCU’s Phase 4. It introduces many new characters and concepts, such as Dormammu and the Zealots, who will play a huge role in future events.

The movie follows Stephen Strange during his misadventures. It takes place soon after losing his title as Sorcerer Supreme, and he has trouble coming to terms with what that means for him and all he’s worked for. 

The movie has several main themes, but we’re going to focus on six in particular:

1. The Multiverse

Throughout the movie, Strange is forced to find a way to validate his existence as he struggles with being cut off from his mentor. 

He starts putting two and two together when he realizes something’s wrong with his mystical advisor and that other dimensions might be involved.

His journey leads him to find a source of powerful ancient relics, which he then uses to open a portal to the Dark Dimension.

2. Mind over Matter

Throughout the movie, Stephen Strange is challenged by his mind, making him question his sanity. He’s shown time and time again to be not entirely at peace with his place in the universe. These thoughts worry him quite a bit as he finds out that his time pondering these questions is taking away from all he’d accomplished.

Additionally, he’s forced to do so with a desire to restore his former title as the Sorcerer Supreme, but with nothing but success stories by his side.

3. The Narrator is Stories

Stephen Strange finds himself trapped within a story of his creation. He realizes that the battle for his mind is waged both outside and within. 

His past and present events come more into focus through these visions and become more problematic for him. Additionally, we find that the enemy he faces has been around for centuries.

4. The Point of Convergence

As Strange faces his issues and comes to terms with what they mean, he seeks answers and eventually finds them within the Eye of Agamotto. He realizes that he doesn’t have to be alone in these troubles that plague his mind. They are common problems among magicians and sorcerers.

This discovery is a huge point of convergence for both the character and the title itself.

Besides that, the movie plays a major role in the future of the MCU. It’s where we’re going to see many of the characters we’re familiar with and find out what is going on in their lives.

The movie also provides a fresh perspective on magic and sorcery from Stephen Strange himself.

5. The End of Everything

Throughout the movie, Strange is shown to be one of the few true heroes who try to do good in this world, which makes him a target. He also finds himself in situations that may be his downfall as he struggles with his faith and beliefs.

Following this plot thread will lead you directly into the comic, where Strange will face truly intimidating enemies.

As he fights for his life, he’ll come upon something even more dangerous than he could have ever imagined.

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6. Reality

Throughout this movie, Strange is shown to be a very realistic character living in the real world. We see him try to be the best possible person. It is a different take on the character from what we’ve seen before, as it’s not so much of a fantasy story as it is an action-packed thriller.

Apart from the great themes the movie offers, it has an incredible song selection that will leave you on the edge of your seat. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I highly recommend doing so. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is not only a great addition to the MCU but also a fantastic movie in its own right.

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