HELM is a quest hub added to Destiny 2 in the Season of the Chosen. You can go there to interact with seasonal content from that and later seasons. Specifically, HELM is used for embarking on the current and previous seasons’ matchmade activities and the latest story missions. It also lets you acquire perks related to those activities and process your Umbral Engrams.


This busy hub can take some getting used to, especially for those who just started playing the game or Beyond Light. Our short guide should help you find the way to the HELM and figure out how to use its features.

How to Access the HELM

Although HELM is a part of the Tower, you will not be able to reach it by walking around inside the actual Tower. Originally, the area could be chosen as a travel option within the Tower’s menu. The Season of the Splicer changed that by making HELM a separate node in the destinations tab of the Director, albeit still found near the Tower. You can travel there simply by clicking on the node, so long as you have already unlocked it. However, you will have to do so again at the start of each season by playing through the first mission of its storyline, such as Wayfinder’s Voyage I in Season of the Lost.


Things to Do At the HELM

Unlike other Destiny hubs, the HELM is not a social space. Every player gets a unique private instance. This design ensures faster loading times, superior performance, and no kicks for idling. In the absence of social interactions, the HELM is fully geared towards letting players engage with season content quickly. Here are the things you can do there:

  • Embark on seasonal activities including Override, Astral Alignment, and Shattered Realm (Battlegrounds are treated as a Vanguard activity and so are not launched from the HELM menu, though their associated upgrades must still be unlocked through the hub);
  • Unlock and use ritual artifacts – Hammer of Proving, Splicer’s Gauntlet, Wayfinder’s Compass – to let you claim additional loot from their related activities;
  • Upgrade the above artifacts to help you out in the seasonal activities or claim more rewards. Doing so will require you to earn a reputation related to the artifact by completing special challenges;
  • Interact with NPCs such as Crow to progress in the latest storyline;
  • Travel to locations like the Eliksni Quarter to complete lore collection quests;
  • Focus the Umbral Engrams obtained from different activities with the Prismatic Recaster and decrypt them with the Umbral Decoder. Focusing Engrams means ensuring that they will drop an item that matches your criteria (such as being a weapon, favoring certain stats, or having a perk). More such options can be unlocked with Prismatic Lenses. Engrams do not have to be focused to be decoded, though the ability to narrow them down is the Umbral Engrams’s main selling point;
  • Receive gifts or any loot that you have missed from the Postmaster;
  • Place items in the Vault or retrieve them from there. The Vault in the HELM is connected to all other Vaults and accessible for all characters in an account;
  • Restart any quests you may have discarded at the Quest Archive.

The Future of the Hub

According to Bungie, the Eliksni and Awoken wings of the HELM are going away in the next expansion. Since nothing of the sort was said about the entire HELM, it seems likely that it will continue to evolve and play a key role in the foreseeable future. Community members speculate that the HELM is actually an experimental spaceship or a part of one. Either way, it still has plenty of currently-locked rooms to accommodate the new content from coming seasons. You may as well get used to the HELM and the convenience it provides. Visit our website Destiny 2 boosting services and get a discount!




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