JW Player is an amazing platform and a lot of people use JW player to watch different types of content. However, when you try downloading a few, it gets a bit complicated. Well, that’s because there isn’t a dedicated download button for that.

Does that mean, you can’t download a video from JW player? Actually, you can.

Hey folks, this is Vikram and Welcome to another post. In this article, I will tell you about Different Ways To Download JW Player Videos. So, Gather all your favorite video links, cause after this you be able to download all of them.

1. Download Using IDM

Internet Download Manager(IDM) is an amazing downloading tool. If you have been using Windows for a while, you probably already know about this. With IDM, you can literally download anything with a working download link.

IDM gives you the freedom to take full control over your downloads. It allows you to Schedule download, set frequency or choose variable download speed, and if you are downloading a bundle of files, you can even choose which one you want.

So, how does IDM help us download videos from JW Player?

By using IDM, you can download the video directly from the JW Player website.

  •  First, you will need to download and install the Internet Download Manager.
  • Once, IDM is installed and working, just open your browser and stream any video on JW Player.
  • Wait a while and you will see a notification on the top right corner of your screen.

  • Here, click on Download this video option and click on your preferred downloading quality.
  • This will automatically start downloading the video in the background.

Note- If you don’t see an IDM download notification, then go to your Browser Options and enable Extensions and Themes. Also, try using your default browser.


2. Download Using Real Player

Unlike IDM, Real Player is a media playing software like VLC or Windows Media Player. With Real Player, you can listen to all types of music including MPEG-4 format, recorded audio or watch a video.

The software is really old and the UI might not impress you, but it is still reliable. And, hey all you need it for is to download your favorite grooves from JW Player. So as long as it gets the job done, what else do we need?

To download JW Player Videos,

  •  First, you will need to download and install Real Player on your PC.[Download link]

  • Now Re-start your browser and search for the JW Player video you want to download.
  • As you play the content, you will see RealPlayer Downloader at the top bar of the browser. Here you can see if there are any videos available to download.

  • Then click on the desired video and click on Download this Video.  This will automatically start the download. You can then find this video in Real Player’s Library.


  •  Open Real Player after downloading. Click on its icon at the left corner.
  • Select Download a video.
  • Now, under Download a video from a web link, copy and paste the JW Player video URL and click on the Download icon.

  • This will tell Real Player to search for any downloadable content and automatically download it.

3. Download via Chrome Browser

If you are a Chromebook user or you don’t want to install any third-party software, then you can use your default browser to do the job. Well, browsers are not designed to offer awesome downloading performance, but they get the job done. To download from your Chrome Browser,

  • Open your browser and stream the video you want to download from JW Player.
  • Now right click on the page and click on Inspect Element.

  • Then navigate to Network > Media, make sure the video is still playing.

  • In the Inspect Element tab, you will see the .mp4 file being played on the JW player.
  • Click on the file and copy the URL  under the Requested URL.
  • Again, Open a new tab, paste the URL. Right-click on the video and then click Save Video as. Select the download location and your video will start downloading.

4. Download via Firefox Browser

You can download any JW Player video from Mozilla Firefox, by using View Page Info. It is a quite similar method as Chrome, but with totally different tools. To do so,

  •  Start by streaming the JW Player Video you want to download.
  • Now right-click on the Page, and select View Page Info.

  • Go to Media, locate the video on the list below. Try finding Video in the Type row.
  • Select that video file and click on Save as to start downloading.

5. Use Firefox Extension

If downloading a video directly from Firefox sounds too complicated, and you also don’t want to use any type of third party software, then you can definitely opt. for an extension to do that.
One of the best video downloading extensions is Flash Video Downloader. This video downloader is particularly designed to download streaming videos with full HD or 4K quality.  With Flash Video Downloader, you will be able to download videos, music or mp3 from a site like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
To use Flash Video Downloader,
  •  First, open the Mozilla Firefox browser and type in Firefox Addons. Now open the very first result or click here.

  • On the Firefox add-ons page, go to the search menu and type”Flash Video Player“. Then click on Flash Video Player in the search result.

  • In order to add Flash Video Player as an extension, click on +Add to Firefox. Confirm the download and it will be automatically get added to your Firefox.

  • Now, stream any JW Player video and click on the Flash Video Player icon located at the top right bar.
  • Choose the video quality and Download. This will download the video in your local storage.

In the End

If all you wanted was to download JW Player Videos, these methods will definitely help. But if you had to go for one option, choose either between IDM or Flash Video Downloader. These two options are not only the best, but they are also safe, reliable, really user-friendly and they work great when handling big or multiple files.

With that being said, I really hope these methods work out for you.

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