After the pandemic has taken over the world. people have turned to video callings and video meetings in a huge way. Many times, we see that the video quality which the Macbook is showing is very low. Video quality or camera quality has become an important thing today. Many times, you have to do meetings with your clients and poor video quality leads to a poor impression. In this article, we shall look at various ways as to how to improve MacBook air camera quality.

If you are facing the same problem with your Macbook and you are thinking to improve MacBook air camera quality, you are at the right place. In this article, we shall look at various ways by which you can improve the Macbook air camera. There are some simple things which you must take care of, while there are some software tweaking which you must do to improve the video quality. All these methods will be discussed in detail in this article.

How to Improve MacBook Air Camera Quality?

Now we shall look at various ways by which you can improve the camera quality and hence the video quality. Some of these methods are very simple but you might not have noticed them. While other things are a bit complex but they will be described in very simple language. Below are the various methods to improve Macbook Air camera Quality.

1. Decrease the Distance Between your Computer and Wifi

Video quality decreases as the internet signal decreases, there is no doubt about it. In case you are using a wifi router, you should go nearer to your wifi signals. This will increase the strength of the internet and so improves the video quality. You will observe that the decrease in distance between the wifi and the Macbook is improving the video. It will reduce the cracks in the video.

The best solution is to connect the wifi via an ethernet cable to your laptop. You can use a C wire if you have an old Macbook.  Apart from that, you can put an aluminum foil in such a way that it directs all the signals to your laptop. You can also switch to a particular frequency which will be very beneficial to you.

2. Use a different camera

There are external cameras available in the market which capture superior quality video. The quality of these cameras is much better than the inbuilt camera of the laptop. You can easily find them in the Amazon store. Many cameras are available at a much cheaper price and can be attached to your MacBook. It is recommended to use a Logitech camera.

3. Have Good Lighting

Many times the problem is not in the camera but it is the lighting in the room. The video quality becomes great with proper lighting. This enhances the quality to great extent. Poor lighting does not let the camera capture your video properly and thus transfers a very inferior quality video. Bring a soft light, as this could improve the video quality to a great extent.

4. Do not do any other task while Video Streaming

Many users download files, do other work on their MacBook while streaming a video. This decreases the quality of your video. Video streaming requires a standard amount of bandwidth to transfer properly. If you are doing other things, those things are also consuming their share of data and making lesser data available for video streaming. This is reducing the quality of the video.

5. Customize the Laptop Camera Settings

You might have seen that if you have installed a new camera, it is unable to focus properly or the quality is not that good. This is because the settings of the camera are not done properly. Today all the webcams which are available in the market come with inbuilt settings options. You can customize brightness, video quality, and many other settings in the camera. If you are wanting the best video quality, then you should turn off the automatic white and focus.

6. Use a Good Router and Internet Connection

Many times some problems in the router result in poor quality or grainy video. Sometimes, the wifi is unable to release radiofrequency properly. Take internet connection from a reliable company. The router and the internet connection have a pivotal role in the video quality your computer is streaming. Sometimes weak internet connection results in bad quality video and grainy video.

7. Screen Resolution

Sometimes, not setting proper screen resolution will lead to a poor-quality video. It is one of the things which people forget to see. So you should make the screen resolution settings proper first. You can do this by simply right-clicking on the screen and then select screen resolution. select the resolution which is recommended on your computer. Not setting proper screen resolutions can lead to grainy video transmission.

8. Improve Video Calling in Zoom

After the pandemic, Zoom is used in a huge way to conduct video calling and hold corporate meetings. There are times when you are not pleased with the video quality it is transferring. This happens because the settings have limited the data usage of Zoom. You need to change the settings to HD. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  1. First, go to the settings in Zoom, then the new window will open up.
  2. Go to the option of Video.
  3. The new window will open and you have to click on “Enable HD”.

Now the Macbook will start streaming HD videos.  This is how you can improve your video quality in Zoom.

9. Improve Video Calling in Skype

There are times while doing a skype meeting you observe that your video quality is very grainy. It might be a very important meeting and you want to have a very good quality video. The first thing you should check is that if you are using the latest version of Zoom.

To check for updates, you have to go to the menu bar and click to check for updates. Now you can update to the latest version. Apart from this go to the Skype status web page. This page will show if the software is having any problems.

10. Improve video Quality in Google Meet

Sometimes, if you are doing a meeting on Google meet, you see that the video quality is very low. This is because it has been set at a lower level of image quality. To set it to a higher quality, follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all, go to the menu option on the screen. This is below right.
  2. A pop-up menu will appear, you have to click on settings.
  3. A new window will come up where you need to step up the video quality to 720p.
  4. After that click on Done.


Hope you got several ideas of how you can improve MacBook air camera quality. With that, you can also improve the video quality in any meeting. All of these methods do work and you can employ them to improve the quality of your video. I hope this article helped you. With that, I would end my article over here.

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