It’s your final year of university, meaning it’s time to buckle down and put your studying hat on. Even the brightest student can struggle to concentrate from time to time, which is why you should give yourself as many helpful tools and resources as possible. Here’s how to improve your grades so that you ace your final year.

Adopt a positive mental attitude

While it’s easy to let pessimism eat away at you, it’s time to counter such thoughts with healthier ones. Whether you’re disappointed in a low grade or are stressed over keeping your grades high, a positive mental attitude can help reduce any negativity that may impact exams or coursework.

Rather than thinking “I’m a failure, what’s the point?” or “this is too difficult; it’s impossible,” practice positive affirmation. List down everything you have achieved within your studies and how fair you have come – hopefully, this will make you think more positively.

Where are you going wrong?

Is there a certain aspect of your studies that you are struggling with, and if so, how can you improve it? Or, is it your social life getting in the way of you studying? While the university is a time to have fun with friends, you also need to study and have a healthy balance. This is easier said than done, and the only way this will work is if you have the strength to say ‘no’ to any friends who are pestering you to come out for a drink.

If your struggles are spawning out of difficulty for a certain subject, then turn to your teachers for help. They can offer advice on how to tackle difficulties, how to understand the subject matter better and draw up a plan of action.

Do you have a proper study space?

The key to the effective study is having a place dedicated for it. This is different for everyone – some people may enjoy studying in their bedroom, while others may prefer heading to the library, so they are not distracted by home life.

If you’re about to head into your final year and you are looking for accommodation that’s quiet, has good study space and offers a study suite, then look for a place to like this Swansea University accommodation. Having a dedicated space to study is vital if you want to maintain a good study schedule and good grades.

Practice your study skills

Essays and exam writing doesn’t come naturally for all of us, but that doesn’t mean it’s a skill you can’t obtain. Write as many practice essays as you can and find someone to mark it for you and provide feedback so that you can continue to improve.

For essays, you will need to improve your researching, proofreading and editing skills, whereas exams will require you to write under more pressure, to a time limit, and with limited resources. You may also have to improve your memory so that you remember facts and quotes before entering the exam.

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