Instagram has been a hit since its launch in 2013. With nearly 400 million daily users and over 600 million monthly users, it is among the top social media applications. The present generations find a creative photo-sharing platform such as Instagram very attractive. The app provides visual content in the form of pictures and short videos. If you can be creative and stand out of the crowd, Instagram is the perfect place to provide you with a promising base of followers, that is, potential customers.

This Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is pushing the e-shopping trend. Since the major portion of users is between the ages of 18 to 29, this is the perfect platform to attract the young audience to your business. With a comprehensive marketing strategy, you can increase the extent and popularity of your products.

Why Focus More On Instagram Marketing?

Instagram crossed the milestone of 700 million monthly active users in 2007. The engagement and commitment by these regular users are the foundation this app is based on. Today’s youth find inspiration and ideas from the visual contents of Instagram. Users follow the brands that interest them, and that, in turn, influences their purchase decisions. The use of hashtags and a bunch of more cool features adds up with this characteristic.

Since Instagram also outmatches Facebook and Twitter in terms of engagement rate and importance, you should seriously consider the platform to showcase your business. Here are some helpful tips for doing a good job on Instagram marketing.

Create an Impressive Bio

Companies strive to increase follower count on Instagram. More followers mean more exposure and higher visibility. Many prominent business houses buy Instagram followers from reliable organisations for this reason. The first step to achieve a good follower-base is to create an impressive bio.

Your Instagram business page must reflect the image of your company. Whoever comes to check your page out must be attracted to your profile. They must identify your brand. The first thing to check is the profile picture. The most common practice is to put the company logo there. Users should be able to recognize your brand just by looking at the profile photo.

Another thing is the bio. Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters, so you have to be precise and convincing. With a good profile page, you are one step ahead in the competition.

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Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are special on Instagram. It allows you to link your content to respective topics. The use of hashtags lets your posts more visible and spread to a wider range of audiences. You must include five to ten hashtags per post. Keep the interests of your users in mind while applying hashtags. Also, your publications and hashtags must be in sync. Hashtags are like keywords. Using it right, your posts and photos will pop up first in searches.

Show Commitment To Your Users

Building a relationship with your followers is necessary. Show your devotion through engagement, interaction, and interest serving. Keeping your followers hooked up requires a lot of little effort. Answer their queries, like contents, and engage in interactive conversation in the comment section. Instagram has the feature of mentioning people in photos or videos. It is also a good marketing tool if used wisely.

If you are active enough, your followers will take your effort and interest into consideration. Your brand value will increase, and so will its integrity. You have to keep upgrading your Instagram profile. Stay active, post often, and show love to your customers and followers. They would love your brand eventually!

Post Creative Publications Regularly

Instagram provides a great platform to build a relationship with your target audience. Though Instagram was primarily a photo-sharing app, it has helped many companies to reach new heights! Visual contents are much appealing to the youth. If you can keep your audience’s interest served and give them creative photos and videos, your follower count is bound to increase.

Keep your posts simple, attractive, and harmonious in color; you increase the odds of successful Instagram marketing. Give them publications as per their interest and post often. Keep track of views, likes, and comments on each of your posts. The data collected from statistics are very helpful in planning for the upcoming campaigns. You should opt for more likes since the number of likes determines the scale of your business. Several companies regularly buy Instagram likes to cope up in the competitive market.

The Instagram algorithm allows the posts of most active pages to become more visible to the audience. Thus, you should be disciplined and cater to the needs of your followers at regular intervals. Keep them engaged and entertained with creative posts. Your subscribers are sure to recognize your brand and professionalism.

Implement marketing strategies wisely for your Instagram campaigns and boost your business in leaps and bounds.

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