Relocating to a new office can be exhausting. If you tell your employees that you have to move to a different office, some of them might complain about the decision. Even if you have a good reason to move, it’s still a lengthy and rigorous process. Therefore, it helps if you prepare your employees. Find a way to make it easier for them to finish packing and leave.

Let them know months ahead

Don’t surprise employees with an announcement that you’re going to relocate soon. Packing their things and determining which items to throw away will take time. They will feel frustrated if you only tell them a week before you will move that it’s going to happen. They might also have to change their daily routine to arrive at the new office on time. Give them sufficient time to adjust. A month or so of preparation would help.

Give them options 

Not all your employees will feel comfortable about relocating. Some of them accepted the job because it was near to where they live. If they decide not to work with you anymore, you have to give them an option. Since it’s not their decision to move to a different workplace, you have to be more lenient. If they still wish to continue working with you, and the office is quite far from where they live, you have to give them a salary increase to cover the additional transportation costs. The last thing you want to happen is your employees leaving your company because they don’t like the new location.

Tell them that relocation will be in batches

You can’t expect all the employees to move their things at once. You can inform them that some employees will relocate first, while the others will move later. You can also ask them to help in packing things that don’t belong to specific individuals.

Provide relocation assistance

Don’t expect your employees to move on their own. Some of them might not have vehicles to use for relocation. Help them by providing a moving truck. Moving companies will make life easier for everyone. You might have to pay more for this service, but it’s worth the price.

Open the new office for a tour 

Some employees would like to see the new office. They will determine how to get there from their house. Others will also want to see if it’s an excellent environment for work. Ask the landlord if the place can be open for the employees to check out whenever they want.

Moving to a new office can be difficult. However, if you want to make it happen, you have to prepare earlier. It would help if you also considered moving all your office supplies. You may also replace them with items from quality stationery suppliers if you have run out of supplies. You want to have a new start and having sufficient supplies would be useful.


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