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It is an indisputable fact that even the so-called wariest entrepreneurs have started transitioning to online marketing. Everyone is aware that after the advent of the Internet, there is a paradigm shift in the marketing realm. Though it can not be said that direct marketing has been shown the doors, that online marketing is ruling the roost is not an exaggerated statement. Online marketing or digital marketing, as it is fondly called, consists of several tools. The amazing thing about online marketing is that day in and day out, creative-minded folks are coming out with new tools that replace the old ones. So, it is imperative that businesses have to keep abreast of the latest innovations in this realm so that they can derive the best benefits of contemporary tools.

But ironically, there are certain tools that never appear to become redundant though the digital landscape seems to be ever-changing. Email marketing is one of them. Of course, you may come across skeptics who opine that email marketing is dead and that it is no more relevant. But a peep into history will reveal that these skeptics had apprehensions over the efficacy of Internet marketing as well when it was at its nascent stage. They have been miserably proved wrong because, since its advent, online marketing has been growing from strength to strength. If you go through the following statistics, you will get more-than-enough fodder to refute the doubts of these skeptics over email marketing.

1. More than 90% of the companies in B2B use email marketing for distributing content pertaining to their products or services. They aver that this tool gets them bucketloads of customers.

2. Similarly, over 80% of these companies have their own email newsletters that they regularly send to their existing and prospective customers. These companies insist that their email newsletters are a great lead generation tool and so, have become an indispensable component of their marketing program.

3. According to an estimate, in the US alone, companies spend more than $300 million for doing email advertising.

4. The number of people who prefer to receive business communications in the email format has been increasing. Not surprisingly, more than 70% of these people are millennials.

5. A study reveals that over 50% of respondents in the US check their email-Inbox 10 times or even more a day. Of course, the emails they receive include updates from companies that promote their brands. Over 55% of these folks confess that they make their purchase decisions based on the promotional emails they receive. Even big brands admit that they are able to influence people with their emails. They add that millennials, in torrents, opt for their products, thanks to the influence of their emails.

6. Not just B2B companies, even business professionals repose faith in email marketing. These professionals firmly believe that this tool helps with client retention. So, it is not surprising that marketers believe that the ROI from this tool is huge. They assertively say that even the simple acts of sending emails on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, festivals, and special occasions to their customers and prospects go a long way in developing a long-lasting relationship with them and expanding their customer base.

7. Yet another study reveals that the chances of respondents opening personalized and relationship-driven emails are as high as 25% or even more.

The above statistics clearly show that email marketing gets tangible results for businesses. So, as an entrepreneur, you should embrace this tool readily for expanding your customer base and increasing your sales.

But if you want to have gigantic results out of your email marketing strategy, you should keep a few points in mind and abide by them meticulously. Let us find out what these points are.

1. Regardless of whether you send auto-responders or brand promotion emails, you must ensure that your mails have a unique voice. Experts opine that the tone of the mails makes all the difference in increasing the number of click-throughs. Never forget the fact that you are not trying to sell your products. You are trying to develop and nurture relationships. Once you succeed in developing such relationships with your customers, your sales are bound to go up phenomenally. So, adopt the marvelously shrewd strategy of using a silky smooth, fun language in your emails. But be genuine in your intentions to develop relationships.

2. Be transparent and honest. This means you should not hide or exaggerate things by sugar-coating your offers.

3. Your emails should provide the respondents with a sneak peek into the solutions you intend to offer for the issues they are facing.

4. Follow-ups are very important. You should send follow-up emails on a regular basis. But you should word every email carefully and appropriately.

Remember that the average open rate of emails hovers around just 30%. So, your emails should be written in such a manner that people will willingly and readily open and read them. If you feel that there is a necessity, you can seek the help of experts for including this tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

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