Losing important data is a bad experience. What is worst than losing data? It is getting scammed by bad-quality data recovery software which not only fails to deliver its promised services but also ends up inducing malicious software into your device’s system. The solution to such a situation is to choose data recovery software which has good repute and has earned the trust of millions online and EaseUS qualifies for both. EaseUS data recovery software is designed to tackle issues concerning data loss and helps users recover deleted files from their devices without disrupting the device’s safety.

What Happens Exactly When You Delete a File?

When a user deletes files, whether by accident or intentionally, the computer removes the information stored in that slot and reserves the spot for newer information. Even though the information has been removed, it is stored at the backend of computer systems. It remains so unless a user creates a new file in the old one’s place, thus overwriting the previous information. Once the file has been created and saved, it uses up the space freed by the old file’s deletion, further diminishing the chances of its recovery.

How Does EaseUS Help You Recover a File Once It Has Been Deleted?

As mentioned earlier, EaseUS helps in recovering deleted files from various sources, be it the hard drive, USB, external hard drive, memory cards, etc. This software can work with both, Windows and MAC systems. Whether you are a MAC or a Windows user, recovering your deleted files and folders is an 8-step process with EaseUS data recovery software. These steps have been listed below.

  1. Download and install the EaseUS data recovery software.
  2. Start running the software by double-clicking on it.
  3. A windowpane appears on your screen asking you to select the exact location you want to be scanned for deleted files. Answer this query by selecting the location you wish to be examined for recovering deleted files.
  4. Once you have selected the location, hit the SCAN button to run the scan. EaseUS’s scan is powered by ‘advanced algorithm technology’. It helps the software perform a powerful scan and generate as many results for recovery as possible.
  5. Once the scanning process finishes, your computer will display all files available for recovery. You may select as many as you want. There is no limit on selecting the number of files for restoration.
  6. After selecting the files, press the RECOVER
  7. Before the recovery process begins, your computer will ask you to provide a path where you wish the restored files to be saved. It is highly recommended that you select a path other than the one where you lost these or accidentally deleted your files from. Once you do that, your recovery process begins. The time taken by the recovery process is high in proportion with the magnitude of files selected for recovery.
  8. Viola! You are done with successfully retrieving your deleted files.

Limitations on File Recovery Process

There are almost zero limitations to the file recovery process executed by the EaseUS software. The reason why EaseUS developers recommend retrieving files on a different location than their original ones is to avoid over-writing any other data loss. Users may move their retrieved files later to the same folders as their original ones but while the recovery process is running they must save them somewhere else.

Are There Any Other Methods of Recovering Deleted Files?

Yes, there are but they only work well in a certain scenario. For example, the restoration of files from the recycle bin is an option to recover deleted files BUT it only works if your files are still present in the bin. What if you empty your recycle bin by mistake and then regret doing that later? Similarly, there is an instance where Windows and MAC users both can recover deleted files using built-in features. These include ‘restore previous files’ feature for Windows users and ‘MAC Terminal’ and ‘Time Machine backup’ for MAC users. However, the only way to restore your permanently deleted files would be by using data recovery software such as EaseUS.


To sum it up, EaseUS data recovery software is a lifesaver. Users must always keep a copy of data recovery software with them to avoid panicking in situations where they do not have enough time on hand. Doing this will help them in the instant restoration of lost files which would be just a double click away.


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