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We study to have proper work. Then we work to have a proper salary. Then we spend the salary to have proper things and then we work again. The cycle never ends and we are the ones who create the cycle and are the main figures of the cycle as well.

The constant problem with money is that despite the fact, how much money we have, it is never enough for everything. Once we have everything, we want more things and more money. Once we run out of the amount of money we want to have, then we start thinking that maybe it was spent on some irrelevant things, or maybe we did not have to buy some stuff and maybe it was not necessary at all.

The feeling of regret is something that never gives the easiness on the soul and thus makes us overthink. The expenses we have on a daily basis are the basic needs of nature. We might not need the 12th chopstick, but we want it. We might not need Nutella, but we want it. We might not need the coffee, but we want it. We might not need to have a vacation in the luxurious hotel, but we want it. We might not need to put everything on 0, but we want it.

In the end, we come across desires rather than needs. The reality is that we need much less than we have and we need one-third of what we want to have. But we live in a world full of marketing campaigns and commercials. This is why we want to have everything at a time. Marketing is a very strong tool that talks about our wishes and desires.

It is never as hard as it seems and it is never as simple as it looks like. This is the whole philosophy. We get what we want and then we want something that we don’t have. But what is the outcome of all of it? The feelings. The feeling of satisfaction and the feeling of pleasure. This is the main motivation for what and why we are doing certain things.

Life is short and life is complicated, so we want to keep up with it and get the best out of it. The main point in everything is that we need to live without the feeling of regret. Once we regret it, we can no longer feel satisfied and can no longer feel pleased. Then the whole process loses the sense and the point is lost.

One of the best examples to compare is the casinos. People go to casinos not to win money, but to lose money. This is the key concept of gambling. People gamble to lose, and once they win, it grants the feeling of remorse and pleasure. Gambling can be addictive, not because the slot games are addictive or the cards are attractive, but because of the feelings. At a certain moment, people just feel addicted to the feelings they get while gambling and playing.

Gambling is generally considered to be risky. While there are some strategies for certain games, such as roulette, or there are some skills in poker, it is mostly about the moment of chance and luck. There is no strategy for slots, but millions of people play slot games on a daily basis. Millions of people are attracted to the feeling of getting wilds on the reels and winning jackpots or losing money completely. Casinos and the developers develop the games based on their feelings and based on senses.

Very small things can be extremely effective. The promotions, the wilds, the scatters, the progressive jackpot, the deck of right cards, everything that will make you feel pleased. Many casinos are trying to hire the best developers in the market, in order to create the best games and attract more people. So far the Playamo online casino has hit the jackpot with the Belorussia and Ukrainian developers. They have come up with some of the best promotions such as cashback and Playamo free spins. The importance of the promotions is all about additional chances of wins. Every casino has something to offer, and Playmo can offer the feel that you have been looking for.

Everything that can be sold is based on the emotional baggage and the emotional outcome of the process. Our feelings are what we spend our money on. It is not about the chopstick, nor it is about the wilds, but it is about the feeling of excitement and the feeling of pleasure.

Can you recall the moment when you started saving money for something? It could be a car, a house, a pair of designer shoes or a dress. It could be literally everything. Now, can you recall the feeling which you got after having those items in your wardrobe or in your parking lot? Most probably it was pleasure and satisfaction.

We invest money in our feelings. There are certain things that the money can not purchase, but then there are the rest of the things, which can be bought. Those are the things which make us happy. We do not pay for something, we invest in our feelings.

We invest in the slot games, to grant the feeling of satisfaction. We invest in the car, which will make our lives way more comfortable. We invest money in the drinks, which will bring the feeling of tipsiness and light-mindedness. We invest in clothes, in food, which will relieve the feeling of hunger, and which will make us more attractive. We invest in feelings. And feelings are all that we have.

The nature of the human being is simple. We are humans and we have feelings. This is the most valuable thing that we have. And most of the time, we are ready to pay even the highest price to feel it. It is not what we need, but it is what we want.

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