If you want to expand your reach, either as a business or a regular online personality, the first thing that you need to eliminate is the language barrier. Sticking to only English or your mother tongue will highly limit your audience. This is something that you don’t want to happen if you want global reach.

This is where the importance of finding a reliable translation service online comes in. This tool will help you in converting your content’s text into another language if you’re not the linguist yourself. Similarly, it will save a lot more time and effort compared to manual translation.

The only issue now lies in what specific tool provides the right translation. This article will walk you through the modern ways to get an accurate and authentic translation of your text.

Why Should You Accurately Translate Text?

Contrary to common misconception, publishing content in English doesn’t have that broad reach.

This is true even if, according to Unbabel, about 55.5% of websites are in English. The main reason behind this is the fact that only 20% of people around the world speak and understand the said language.

The importance of authentic translations becomes even more significant if you’re an international business figure. As per Forbes, the language and the general word choices that you will use will aid in market reach and your brand’s overall success.

All in all, you should have an accurately-translated text if you have a platform, and you want it to easily reach other people. It will allow your content to be understood by the public since it won’t be limited to appearing in only one language.

Even if you don’t have a public platform, authentic translations are also needed if you’re communicating with people from other countries.

Best Modern Tools to Use for Accurate Text Translation

Various translation tools and services have come and gone since the start of the digital era. Some are more effective than others. At the same time, they also have varying features and prices.

To narrow down your options, it’s best if you skim through the modern tools that guarantee accurate text translations. We have compiled three of the most advanced and efficient tools in the list below:

1. AI Translation Software

To start, we have AI Translation Software. In more professional terms, some people may know this as Computer-Assisted Technology or CAT.

Translation tools that use this kind of technology need human intervention to work.

This means that it will act as the translator’s assistant. You may need to do tasks like copying and pasting your desired text to the translation app to get the output.

Some examples of tools with AI Translation Software are Google Translate and Alexa Translations. Most of these are free, which is their main benefit.

On the flip side, expect that AI translators can be quite limited. You also have to pay great attention to readability and proofreading to ensure the text’s accuracy. If you want a sure way towards authentic translations, you may have to invest in paid CAT tools.

Note that manual AI translations are only best for small-time projects. It may be too hard for you to keep if we’re talking about thousands of required translated text.

2. Machine Translation

Machine Translation is a modern translation tool that doesn’t require any kind of human intervention. This is a technological advancement in the field that prioritizes convenience. Unlike CAT tools, this will be best used for large-sized translation projects.

Although this technology is designed to provide long, authentic translations, note that some machines may be prone to inaccurate texts. It means that even though it’s required to work without humans, you may still need to double-check the results. This is most crucial, especially if you’re using the texts for professional purposes.

3. CMS Translation

The last on our list is CMS Translation. CMS stands for “Content Management System” and is best used by websites.

This technology is suitable for both small and big sites. It will depend on the translation service that you’re working with.

From the name, you understand that this technology translates the content in CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. There is no need to manually feed specific text. It will also be able to cover everything on the site, including its pages, features, and other elements.

CMS translation is also usually tied with localization, another important part of expanding market reach.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Translation Service to Use

There is no one answer to what the best translation service is. You need to consider your needs and what you’re working on. Doing so will let you know which tool will be best for your current translation project.

For reference, here are some factors that you need to take into account:

  • Purpose of your translation project
  • Long-term goals after the translation
  • Medium of your translated text
  • Budget for the translation service

Keep in mind that the more requirements you have, the higher investment you will need to make it. If you’re working on a website, and you need to cut down on costs, it’s better if you avail of an all-in-one service. You should specifically look for a localization agency for the best results.


To sum it up, we went over the three top modern ways to get an accurate and authentic text translation.

The first one is AI Translation Software, which is the most common for small-time translations. You have probably used this at least once through Google Translate and other similar services.

Machine Translation, on the other hand, is reserved for big translation projects. It doesn’t need human intervention to perform its translation task, but the result may not be the best.

Lastly, CMS Translation is best for websites since it includes total content localization. It means that apart from translating the entirety of a site, it also does other things to ensure that it meets the requirements of the global audience.

Each translation tool comes with its pros and cons. You need to evaluate what your needs are to land on the best choice possible.

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