Apps, or computer programs designed to run on mobile devices, are changing how people live. When you want to navigate the road and be guided by the directions, there are apps for this. If you want to chat with your friends instantly, you can go to an app for this purpose. When you need to connect to your loved ones using social media, you can use apps designed to provide you with this. If you need to access websites that are initially not accessible in your location, there are apps for this too.

There are many kinds of apps, and among them are tech apps. Tech apps refer to tools and devices that apply technology in teaching and learning processes. It involves the use of technology in offering solutions to problems or performing particular functions during and after academic activities.

Tech apps can make your life easier. Apps have been used to connect to social media, order food online whenever you need to satiate your hunger, flag taxi and other transport services right from the comfort of your homes or wherever you are, book travel tickets, watch movies, and so much more.

In this edition of our post, we will delve into the best tech apps worth downloading in 2022. You will also get nuggets of information on how to use each of these apps. Let us start the countdown.

1. Feedly

Feedly is an application downloadable on both Android and iOS devices. This app consolidates all the most popular and your favorite feeds in one place. The interface of Feedly is straightforward, and it is also very easy to navigate. It also features customizable notifications for breaking news and the latest headlines.

How to use Feedly: It is easy to use Feedly like the apps you will see on this list. You can get started by seeing all the news you want based on the category you choose, in one place. It also features a sidebar where you can Discover and Follow, and begin adding your feeds. Then, you can also organize your feeds by heading over to the Organize sources located in the sidebar.

2. A VPN

VPNs, otherwise known as virtual private networks, are tools capable of extending a private network across a public network, letting users send and receive data across public or shared networks as if the users’ devices were connected directly to the private network. According to the customers’ reviews, the ExpressVPN app is the most reliable VPN for your devices. This app also works for computers, tablets, routers, browsers, and a whole lot more.

This app is likewise very easy to set up. You can try it risk-free, and it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to use ExpressVPN app: First, you will need to download the app. Then, you will have to set up the app. Afterward, you can get started using the app. Connect to one of the locations and enjoy your internet access with privacy and security.

3. Bite

There are several food and restaurant review applications in the market, but this app takes away the guesswork on which restaurants and dishes are worth trying. Instead of endlessly browsing through generic menus and unhelpful reviews, Bite focuses on providing its users with high-quality imagery and details that actually matter.

This is because Bite users are encouraged to share their experiences with the food they have tried using the platform’s review options, rating them according to cost, quality, and test. Aside from these, Bite also is quite organized, making it easier to discover fantastic dishes and contribute to the community.

How to use Bite: Bite is the easy-to-use app by Sodexo packed with details about dining and more. It shows users daily menus and also provides complete nutritional details on items. Plus, it also offers a way to give feedback about your dining experiences.

4. Pocket Casts

Are you a frequent listener of podcasts? Then, the Pocket Casts app is for you. This app lets you discover a wide range of great podcasts and easily manage those you want to listen to.

How to use Pocket Casts: You can use the app to browse podcasts according to charts, categories, and networks, then add those you like to play episodes on the fly. Plus, it also lets its users create their own podcast playback queue. Pocket Casts also regularly checks for new episodes, so you can always get access to the latest about your favorite shows. There are also automatic downloading and custom filters to keep things organized. You can also personalize their listening experience with features such as the playback skipper, silence trimmer, and so much more.

5. Pixtica

Pixtica is among the many tools that aim to replace the default camera app of your phone. Camera apps can vary, and their success hugely depends on the make and model of your phone. Pixtica is your decent option if you are in search of something new.

How to use Pixtica: Pixtica provides various expected manual models with your camera. Here, you can easily alter and adjust shutter speed, focus, ISO, exposure, and white balance. It also features several shooting modes, including portrait, hyper-lapse, photo booth, and more. Plus, it also lets you create GIFs using many unique loops and capture modes. It likewise has a Meme Editor where you can create your own memes.

6. KineMaster

You know editing videos to make them professional-looking is a tedious task to do. Not when you have the KineMaster app. This is a powerful video editor on Android that is also very intuitive.

How to use KineMaster: You can use KineMaster to add audio and visual filters to your videos, text, stickers, and overlays. The app also lets you alter and trim clips frame-by-frame, adjust their speed, incorporate transition effects, and so much more. What is even greater with this app is that you can record videos from the app.

7. Todoist

What apps do you own on your phone? Perhaps many of them are social media apps or apps for enhancing photos. While those are okay, you might want to try owning apps that focus on improving your productivity. Introducing Todoist. This is your to-do list and task manager also used by business owners and professionals. It is the app that lets you streamline both your personal and team productivity to work more effectively.

How to use Todoist: Start by getting all the tasks you have to do off your mind and transferring them into Todoist. To add a new task, press + on any platform, enter the task name, and tap Add task to save it.

If you have not set up your devices to carry these apps, it is time that you do so. Apps are becoming even more of necessities in our daily lives in today’s day and age. There are several benefits that apps can give to your life. Usually, apps locally store their data on mobile devices, unlike websites that make use of web servers. Apps can also further save your time by storing your preferences and taking proactive actions on your behalf. What you learned about above are the best apps worth downloading and including on your devices. Own them today.

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