You may not have thought about it before but it is possible to winterize your home, which can save you a sizeable amount of funds. It can also help to protect your home from the damage that can lead to a wide range of expensive repair bills.

The good news is that winterizing your home doesn’t need to be difficult, you simply need to make a few simple adjustments to your home.

Clad Outside

This is one of the most expensive options but a fantastic investment for your home. It’s also not as expensive as you may think, especially if you choose vinyl cladding.

Cladding your house will transform the look and provide protection for your walls from the weather. It will also add an extra layer of insulation, helping to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wrapping Windows

You don’t need to replace your windows with the latest insulative ones for the winter. You can use bubble wrap or insulation film to cover the windows, this can create an air pocket that keeps the warm air where it should be, inside your home.

You can purchase special film that your hairdryer onto the wall but you’ll find that taping bubble wrap in position is just as effective.

Seal The Doors

Weatherstrips are the perfect solution to go at the bottom of your door to stop drafts coming in underneath them. A cheap alternative is to use rolled-up towels but the weatherstrips are inexpensive and very effective.


A humidifier will add moisture to your home. This isn’t something you should do if you’re suffering from damp issues. But, if your house isn’t already damp a humidifier will add moisture which is good for your wood furniture and makes your home feel warmer.

Go Green

Plants aren’t just for the garden. Having house plants in your home will help to keep you positive in the winter. But plants do more than that, they can actually clean the air in your home. This will help your overall health as it will remove chemicals left behind by cleaning products, these products can be bad for your health.

Use Rugs

It’s much easier to keep your floor clean if you avoid having carpets. However, this means you’ll have cold floors in the winter. To solve the issue simply place a few rugs in strategic positions and use slippers. Your feet will stay warm and your house will be easier to keep clean.

Keep Your Bedrooms Cool

You don’t need to spend a fortune heating your bedrooms. The heat will naturally rise from the downstairs rooms, you can actually leave the heating off in these rooms. Research shows that sleeping in a cool room is better for your health.

To make sure you’re comfortable at night simply layer up your bed with multiple sheets. You’ll be snug and healthy.

Check Your Pipes

To ensure that you don’t have a problem with freezing pipes you should visually inspect them at the start of winter and ensure that any exposed pipes are insulated. Foam is the perfect solution for this. Insulating your pipes means they won’t freeze and potentially crack, causing water leaks and flooding. That’s not something you want to deal with at any time of year.

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