We live in a world where everything has been brought to the online world. From the time when you couldn’t purchase stuff online to the time when everything from groceries to clothing is available online, we have come a long way. This development has helped us in making our lives easier in many ways, especially in a global pandemic. Similarly, online games like skype games have also taken a lead in recent times.

Skype, as we all know is one of the most famous and oldest video calling apps. Skype games refer to the games, that are provided by the skype app and also the games you can play using skype online. They have helped you stay connected to your distanced friends and family members, in these challenging times.

Skype games also aid you to better your mental health and fight loneliness. Further, the variety and engagement skype games provide is the cherry on the top.

How Can You Play Games on Skype?

Playing games on skype was easier before when skype had the feature of ‘extras’ in the chatbox and we could easily select the games we wanted to play. But since skype has disabled that feature, players now have to use the video call, group call, split-screen, etc features to play games. Even after the feature getting disabled, playing games on skype is not that tough.

Best Skype Games to Play in 2021

While we have understood, what actually skype games are and how can you play them, it’s equally essential to know the popular games a person can play on Skype. Several skype games are ranging from mysterious to fun and more. Some of them are-

1. Bingo

This is the most popular game of all and every one of us has heard of it. Playing bingo on skype can help you relieve your meeting and work stress and will also make your bond stronger with your colleagues. You can simply download the bingo cards and send them in the chat to your friends. Ask them to answer and get to know who gets bingo first and have fun.

2. Charades

Dumb charades are the game we all have played in our childhood times. It is one of the most fun games of all as we all get a chance to channelize the inner actor inside us. Playing charades on skype is an easy task, all you need is good lighting and a good internet connection.

The best part about charades is that they can be played even with a minimum of 2 people also, as one can act and the other can guess. Furthermore, every person knows how to play charades.

3. Never Have I ever

Most popular among millennials and zillenials, this game has been played by a large number of people online and offline. In this game, one player tells a fact or an activity which he hasn’t done saying ‘never have I ever’ while other players who have done it yet take a sip of their drink/juice saying ‘I have. Players who haven’t done that activity doesn’t take a sip.

Usually played with your friends, this game helps you know the players better and is considered a good ice breaker. Never Have I ever can be played on skype on a group video call, aiding to know your colleagues better and also for enjoying with your friends even when not together.

4. Quizzes and Riddles

Quizzes and Riddles are a great way to increase your knowledge and learn while enjoying and having fun. It is also one of the easiest games to play online. All you have to do is decide a set of questions beforehand and then ask them while on a skype call.

This will not only help you build your knowledge but you can also have fun while answering riddles. You can easily access a variety of questions for your riddles and quizzes online.

5. HeadsUp

Similar to charades, this game also tests a player’s acting and guessing skills. Playing HeadsUp is fun as you get to see the fun side of your friend/colleague/ family member etc. You need to hold your phone onto your forehead with a letter/word movie name written on it.

The other player on the call, will act and make you understand what that word is, in a limited time allotted. Players can easily get the videos of HeadsUp words on youtube and can play them without any hindrance.

6. Backgammon

Backgammon is a popular board game among youngsters. Back then, when skype had an ‘extras’ feature, that allowed us to play online games with friends, Backgammon gained much popularity. When the game’s feature was scrapped, backgammon too became less popular. But since the time, the pandemic has hit us, skype games have become more famous.

People are switching to these kinds of online games for relieving their stress and passing their leisure time. And hence, one can still play backgammon by finding collaborative versions and inviting teammates. All the teammates can make a skype call and use the split-screen feature to play the game.

7. Jackbox Games

Jackbox games provide you with a large number of games with a lot of trivia. The screen sharing feature of skype enables you to share your screen and players on-call can see the game. Everyone can play the game using jackboots etc. Jackbox provides the players with a large number of games.

8. Ches/Ludo

Playing board games like chess/ludo while on a skype call, just doubles the fun. While many apps allow you to play these games even without using skype, but can also be boring at times. This is because playing games on a skype call lets you see the reactions of your opponent.

You can also chat with them while playing ludo/chess. These features keep the fun going and don’t turn the game into a boring one.

9. Truth or Dare

The most favorite game of every 90’s kid, truth and dare still don’t fail to entertain the players. As evident by its name, one player asks the other player, whether he/she wish to pick truth or dare and then asks questions accordingly. There are a variety of truth questions and dare available online, in case you fall short of them.

For playing truth or dare on a skype call, decide some truth questions and dare beforehand and play accordingly. Players can also fix time intervals when one player will ask and the other will answer/perform and vice versa.

10. Virtual Escape rooms

Virtual Escape rooms are among the coolest and most engaging games to play over a skype call. Thriller as a genre is lovedĀ  rustburgpharmacy.com by almost everyone and online games are no exception. Players of the team will be locked in a room and will have their host in an escape room guiding the players.

All you have to do is solve the clues and escape the rooms with your teammates within 60 minutes.

15 Games You Can Play on Skype

Evidently, there are many games that you can play on skype. But here are some of the most games of them. They are-

  1. Bingo
  2. Charades
  3. Never Have I ever
  4. Quizzes and Riddles
  5. HeadsUp
  6. Backgammon
  7. Jackbox
  8. Chess/Ludo
  9. Truth or Dare
  10. Virtual Escape Rooms
  11. Trivia
  12. Hangman
  13. Would you rather
  14. Yahtzee
  15. 21 Questions


Games have always been a tool for enjoying and bursting stress for a person. And in times like these, a person needs to play games and relieve his/her stress. Skype games can be easily used to break the ice, have fun with your friends, family and as a leisure activity when you are not together.

Therefore, Skype games are a must. Lastly, we hope you find this article worth reading and we were able to clear your doubts. If you have any further queries do let us know in the comment section and we will be happy to address them.

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