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High fly bettors love to play progressive jackpots as the prize money increases with every bet. But progressive slot games are a board term, including various games. Mystery progressive slot is the most enchanting one. The name alone increases the adrenaline rush. However, it is not as inexplicable as it sounds.

Once you comprehend it, you know it offers many long term benefits under the correct situation. The mechanism of the mystery progressive slot is akin to other progressive games, the prize money increase with every wager. The chief disparity is in mystery progressive; the jackpot ends at a predetermined value, while in regular progressive, the jackpot is arbitrary.

Mystery jackpot

If you choose to play a mystery jackpot with a minimum bet size of $100 with present prize money of $75, then $25 needs to be contributed before the bull eye is hit. It is not as intricate as supposed; the underline of the jackpot is to be delivered at a definite amount. Understandably there is no ambiguity regarding the value of the jackpot.

But the game gave a different essence from other progressive games, and it is most alluring when the jackpot is next to the threshold limit. As the mystery jackpot is becoming popular, you will find it in many online casinos such as slot gacor and territorial casino houses. The jackpot size of mystery progressive in land-based casinos range from $50 to $500, trivial regarded to online jackpots.

Feasible opportunity

WMS is the leading developer of mystery progressive slot games, and they share a dominant market in this sector. Online mystery progressive jackpot features a larger amount ranging from $1000 to $10000. Though slot is a game of chance, mystery progressive slot games offer feasible opportunities to make a profit in the long run.

The best odd comes when the jackpot is close to the limit value. You are playing a progressive mystery slot with a minimum bet size of $250; the limit is $240, the seed money is only $10 to hit the bull`s eye. Employing this technique does not guarantee win mystery progressive, but odds of a few modest wins are tilted towards you.

The key advantage of the mystery progressive slot is making the right guess when the game is offering optimal positive expected value. You need to find a progressive game close to the jackpot to take advantage. The downside is you are making an educated guess to find the right machine, but you could end up in a machine much below the beneficial range.


Casino wizard Michael developed a formula to eliminate this dilemma in mystery progressive and indulge in perfect target points to maximize benefit. The developed formula; t=m x (h+r)/ (h+2r) Where t stands for target point, m for jackpot value, r for a percentage of each bet contributed in the jackpot and h for a house edge of the game.

But the major drawback of this formula is the percentage of each net contributed is unknown as the casino house does not provide the statistic to players. Land-based casinos do not provide RTP, but you can make an educated guess on both variables.

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