If you’re considering opening a restaurant, or even if you’re just a big fan of learning about technological uses and advancements, you may be interested in the world of technology for commercial kitchens. This space is hot with interesting developments and just fascinating appliances. Here are the top 3 most important technologies you can see in kitchens today.

Internet of Things Enabled Kitchen

The internet of things is being heavily invested in right now by companies like Bosch – essentially it is a network of physical items that are connected digitally in a way that enables them to communicate with each other. This has a big importance in commercial kitchens, as it enables automation that can improve efficiency massively. If you were working in an Internet Of Things enabled kitchen you could enjoy benefits like your refrigerator tracking and reordering inventory on your behalf.

However, smart-fridges with features such as that are young in their development and many criticize the need for the user to type in information about the fridge’s contents, which can be quite time-consuming. If you’re thinking of installing a smart fridge you should speak to your online experts when you visit the website www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk.

Food Safety Management System

It is of the highest importance that customers attending your restaurant don’t get food poisoning. The likelihood of this is decreasing with the help of smart food safety systems like Safefood 360 that help to streamline the food safety regulation compliance that kitchens have to go through. It uses cloud technology to help the owner of a kitchen keep track of what has been inspected and when they were inspected, allowing highly focused cleaning and inspection schedules.

The analytics available through this system allow highly focused record keeping, so managers can show food inspectors that their ingredients and equipment are perfectly adequate if there are ever any false accusations of food poisoning or bad food hygiene practices.

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Smart Ovens

Smart ovens, unlike most smart fridges, do reduce labor costs as they allow tasks to be automated. Some smart ovens, also called cook and hold ovens, automatically lower themselves to a holding temperature after cooking has been completed, reducing energy costs and optimizing the kitchen space as a holding area isn’t needed. Another popular smart oven is the smart combi oven, which is a three-in-one oven that can cook with heat (like a normal oven) but also steam or a combination of both.

It allows remote control of temperature, which can increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. They can also reduce the risk of food poisoning by keeping track of what’s called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which are a way of measuring food safety hazards on a microbiological, chemical and physical level.

These three technology solutions are set to improve modern kitchens dramatically. The name of the game in future kitchen tech is advancing the efficiency of cooking in a way that enables kitchens to create high-quality meals with less labor than previously required, while greatly reducing the risk of food poisoning.

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