The use of drones has added a fabulous dimension in the era of videography. Taking marvelous dynamic aerial footage is now possible with drones that used to come up only with a helicopter previously.

Now no shot is impossible to capture with a drone. Taking footage of the falling panorama to the most cinematic selfie, all go marvelous when captured by drones. Like many, are you also eager to shoot the best aerial footage with your drone?

Well, whether you have just unboxed your drone or have experience of shooting with one, following some tips are necessary to take the best aerial footage. Again, taking amazing footage is merely not enough to produce a marvelous video.

Editing is equally significant here. If you lack the time to edit your shots professionally or do not have the time of doing editing, different drone video editing services can be your help. They are competent enough to utilize the beautiful aerial footage to produce an enchanting video offering you the opportunity to cherish for a long time.

Top Tips to Shoot the Best Aerial Footage with Your Drone

Using drones undoubtedly provides you with immense opportunity to capture some astounding shots. But it needs a lot of determination and preciseness to be successful. Following some top tips will smoothen your journey of capturing some stunning aerial footage. Let’s go insight into such compelling tips.

Get that Film Look

The first task you have to do is to set the frame rate. Setting the frame rate to 30fps will give you a feel of reality TV. To get a Hollywood feature, set it to 24fps. Filming in 4K will provide you with the facility to catch each detail precisely. You can also crop the frame during the time of editing if needed.

Install a Filter

The shutter speed should be at twice the frame rate to keep the transitions natural. If such a setting makes you feel that the light is extreme, it is better to use a filter with your camera to neutralize the density of light. These filters are affordable and slow down the shutter speed to control the effect of light.

Pay Attention to the Weather

While taking aerial footage with your drone, avoid flying the drone in windy weather as the heavy wind can easily throw your drone off. So before filming, it is better to check weather updates as stormy weather can come up with no sign.

Pay Attention to Light

To give your aerial footage a dramatic look, try to shoot just before the dusk or immediately after the sunset. These golden hours provide your footage with light and shade effects and bring out every detail in an enchanting way. But be careful of shooting facing the sun and check if your camera-drone can cope with high exposure of light.

Learn, Relax and Concentrate

The more you practice, the better you learn. If you are new in taking aerial footage with your drone, practice as much as you can. Read and learn about filming techniques, and while you start filming, fully concentrate on your camera and flying.

Use Several Axis Movement

Your aerial footage will never come out according to your expectations if you only move the drone in forwards and backward directions. Combine various axis moves to enhance the value of the shots.

Avoid Jerky Movements

Jerking the camera right and left to get different shots is never suggested as it never produces steady shots for editing. Your aerial footage should look natural and soothing. So, plan the movements and move the drone deliberately once you get your angle of shooting. Instead of moving the camera with the direction of the drone camera, move it following its flight.

Let it Fly

Fly your drone to take longer and various footage. When you take several shots of a single view, you get the chance to select the best one. After finding your perfect frame of shooting, let the drone fly and capture all the charm for at least 3 seconds to provide the audience with every detail of the footage.

Sideway Movements

Sideway flights provide you with the opportunity to unveil the encircling view from a different aspect. For strafing flights, select an objective, fly the drone to the side, and allow the object to drive beyond. Shooting with a  spacious-aspect lens will give the footage a more profound feeling.


If you want to put a dramatic impression in your aerial shots, try rolling a target. You can rotate an object by employing sideway movements and yawning the stick backward. Proper orbiting requires a lot of practice, as if you fail to control the yaw properly, the impact may get destroyed.

Go Backward

To transform your footage from one building shot to a reveal, fly the drone backward, and it will exhibit the traits of the place you are shooting. Flying backward will provide you with the chance to capture each aspect like cliffs, trees, people, and many more, rather than shooting on a particular feature.

Fly at Low Altitude

If you are new in taking aerial footage with your drone, you may think that it is all about shooting from a height. Shooting from a high altitude indeed provides you with an extended place to film, but when you shoot from a low altitude, it can give better details of the objects. Furthermore, shooting from a relatively moderate height will give an outstanding sense to the shots while speeding them up. But while flying, always be aware of flying security.

Employing drones is an outstanding way of capturing astounding aerial footage without costing you much. The above tips will surely help you to shoot the best aerial footage with your drone.

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