Unique Hen Party Ideas for the Bride-to-Be


Aside from the wedding itself, another thing that the bride will look forward to in preparation for the big day is her hen party or bridal shower. Most of these parties involve going to a club, drinking, and dancing. However, if you are looking for a unique experience, whether you are planning for your own bachelorette party or it’s for a friend, here are some unique ideas that will make it extraordinary, fun, and memorable.

Go on a road trip

A road trip sounds old school, but that’s what makes it unique in today’s time where it is now something that is overlooked. It’s a fun way to check out places and have a tighter bond with the girls at the same time. Plus, since the priorities will change after the wedding, the bride can savor her single moments with her friends while there are still no chores and family responsibilities to worry about.

Take an art class

Cooking and cocktail classes are also other options, but many soon-to-be-brides have them for their hen parties. How about an art class for you? Art is relaxing, and it can help people express themselves. To make it even more enjoyable and out of the ordinary, a nude drawing session would be a fantastic idea since everyone in the group is an adult. You will find service providers like www.nudelife.co.uk that will take care of the entire party for you, including art materials and games, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Prepare a scavenger hunt

If the bride is an adventurous spirit, a scavenger hunt is something that she will love. Prepare clues and choose different locations for them to explore. Plan and execute it properly so that it will be challenging enough for the bride and the other girls to think, but not so hard that they will end up frustrated.

Give back

Fun is not always about partying, but it can also be about helping out. Volunteer in a foundation, program, or charitable institution and make the hen party not just a memorable, but a meaningful one. You may devote your time to organizations like an animal shelter, a home for the aged, or an orphanage.

Have a fun photoshoot

Photos are always part of any party, so why not make it the highlight of the bachelorette party instead? Hire a professional photographer to do a glam photoshoot for you. Wear your best outfits for the photoshoot theme that you choose. With this, you can experience being a model, and at the same time, everyone will have Instagram worthy photos to share with their followers.

Do something from the bride’s bucket list

If the bride has a bucket list of things that she wants to do, it’s the perfect time to finally check off at least one of them. It’s something that will surely make her happy since it’s what she really wants to do.

Whichever of these hen party ideas you choose, make sure that everyone’s schedule is clear for the chosen date.

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