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The upcoming web series on Netflix is one of the things that we always keep a check on. Why won’t we? Netflix’s web series is always a must-watch. No doubt the quality of the content Netflix provides is no more than heaven on Earth, isn’t it? There are various genres of series available on Netflix and there are various upcoming web series on Netflix that you can enjoy binge-watching.

Many series get released every week and choosing the best one can be a typical task. MovieNasha makes your task easier by providing you with the top 12 upcoming web series on Netflix in July 2021.

List of Best Upcoming Web Series on Netflix, July 2021

Heist (July 2021)

YouTube video

Category: Thriller

Releasing On: July 14, 2021

Producers: Derek Doneen, Nick Frew and Martin Desmond Roe

The thriller web series is coming to Netflix with 2 seasons of six episodes each. Heist is a true crime, with upcoming web series on Netflix. This docuseries shows how three heists unfold various personalities all there in the ocean.

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My Unorthodox Life (July 2021)

YouTube video

Category: Drama

Releasing On: July 14, 2021

Cast: Julia Haart

My Unorthodox Life is an upcoming web series announced by Netflix. The web series has Julia Haart in the lead role as Chief Executing Officer (CEO) of a modelling company and her family unhappy with her unethical and different lifestyle. Haart wants to remove the religiously orthodox and wants to live a happy life. Watch the web series now and find out how she does that?

Private Network: Who killed Manuel Buendia? (July 2021)

YouTube video

Category: Crime Thriller

Releasing On: July 14, 2021

Producers: Luis Salinas, Inna Payan, and Gerardo Gatica Gonzalez

Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendia is an upcoming web series on Netflix full of suspense and twists. The web series episodes are all set up to find the criminal behind Manuel Buendia’s death. The web series also brings a twist between his murder and the drug peddlers.

Beastars (July 2021)

YouTube video

Season: 2

Category: Science Fiction

Releasing On: July 15, 2021

Beastars is an upcoming web series coming on Netflix in July. This is Netflix Original fiction and animation series based on the book name “Manga”. The first teaser was out in October 2020. The first season was one of the topmost web series and also gave a hint for the upcoming season. This season the herbivore killer is also searching for animals.

Never Have I Ever (July 2021)

YouTube video

Season: 2

Category: Drama, Comedy

Releasing On: July 15, 2021

Producer: Mindy Kaling

Cast: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnet, Jaren Lewison, Loe Rodriguez, Richa Moorjani, and many more.

Never Have I Ever is one of the most famous and top Netflix web series. Never Have I Ever, season 2 is coming to Netflix soon. This web series revolves around how Devi navigated and tried finding his classmate, her new friend. The way she does this is full of comedy. So don’t miss out on the chance to watch this upcoming web series on Netflix, releasing soon.

Explained (July 2021)

YouTube video

Season: 3

Category: Documentary Series

Releasing On: July 16, 2021

Explained is an upcoming web series on Netflix. Explained is being directed by Vox. Explained new episodes will dive into current affairs topics like Monarchy, Politics, Plastic Surgery, and many more. It’s very interesting to know the facts on topics like this and enjoy binge-watching. The last two seasons’ episodes were 20 minutes long on average, so you can expect somewhere around that and quickly finish watching it.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (July 2021)

YouTube video

Category: Action / Fiction

Releasing On: July 23, 2021

Cast: Chris wood (He-Man), Harley Quinn Smith (Ileena), Mark Hamill (Skeletor), Lena Headey (Evil- Lyn), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Teela), and many more.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation is an upcoming web series on Netflix this July, produced by Kevin Smith. The web series and music will be composed by Bear McCeary. This web series is full of animation and will show the battle between He-Man and Skeletor.

Sky Rojo (July 2021)

YouTube video

Season: 2

Category: Action / Drama

Releasing On: July 23, 2021

Producer: Alex Pina

Sky Rojo, season 2 is one of the awaited web series on Netflix. This upcoming web series on Netflix will show how three women are being forced to work as prostitutes. Will they be able to save themselves from this trap? Will it be easy for them, watch to find out? The first season of Sky Rojo was out at the beginning of 2021, watch it out as well if you haven’t.

The Snitch Cartel: Origins (July 2021)

YouTube video

Category: Drama / Crime

Releasing On: July 28, 2021

Cast: Juan Pablo, Patricia Tamayo, Urrego, Sebastian Osorio

The Snitch Cartel is an upcoming web series on Netflix releasing in the last week of July. The Snitch Cartel is based on the “El Cartel de Los sapos” book. A web series shows a person can transform his life. This is a story of two brothers whose illegal businesses became rich by having unethical fun and other things. But, is it that’s it of the story, watch and find.

Tattoo Redo (July 2021)

YouTube video

Category: Thriller / Crime

Releasing On: July 28, 2021

Producer: Ink Master

Cast: Miryam Lumpini, Tommy Montoya, Rose Hardy, Twig Sparks and Matt Beckerich in lead roles.

Tattoo Redo is a crime upcoming web series on Netflix that shows how people use tattoos. Some use tattoos as normal. But there are bad tattoos that can be used in many ways. How artists use tattoos to cover up a crime is an interesting thing to know. See how the cast finally used tattoos and what happens finally.

Outer Banks (July 2021)

YouTube video

Season: 2

Category: Adventure

Releasing On: July 30, 2021

Cast: John B., Pope, Sarah

Outer Banks is one of the famous places that everyone wants to go to. Outer Banks’ first season left many thoughts on our minds. It follows a group of teens who were keen to find the treasure. This season they had some more fun adventures. watch the web series on Netflix and enjoy the adventure.

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