If you like buying and selling things online, you need to know about other sites like CraigsList. We all know Craiglist is a fabulous American classified advertisement website. Craigslist.com was one of the first sites to transform real-world industries into the Internet, namely classified ads in newspapers. Thanks to its simple design and intuitive system for organizing ads by region, it was still strong despite its creation in the 1990s.

Although Craigslist may have been the first site to connect buyers and sellers in a community-centred way, it is no longer the only way that you can buy and sell your stuff online. And that is the reason you are looking for similar websites expecting something better. There are lots of websites like Craigslist and have a much more targeted audience.

Top Websites Like CraigsList For All Your Needs

There are lots of websites like Craigslist and have a much more targeted audience. Let’s check em out!

1. OfferUp

OfferUp is one of our favourite platforms to connect you to local buyers and sellers. It also recently added shipping options, so you will have the opportunity to connect with buyers that are farther away.

They are the third most popular shopping app in the Apple App Store. You can buy or sell anything through the site. The service is completely free, so you will not have to pay to list your items for sale.

2. Freeadstime

Freeadstime covers a wide range of areas and categories and this makes it a great candidate for this list. The quirks and features offered by this free classified ads site are quite appealing and this certainly is an ideal place to deal locally. Start browsing through it now!

3. Facebook Marketplace

You may see Facebook as a place to read your friends’ latest status updates or watch a viral video. You may not realize that Facebook allows you to buy or sell locally. Since almost everyone has a Facebook account, Facebook’s “for sale” list can be quite a lot. In fact, you may be surprised by a large number of items listed on Facebook. Facebook is a convenient way to connect with local buyers, but you will have to meet up in person to sell or buy the items.

4. Findermaster

FinderMaster has been a top pick on a number of Craigslist alternatives articles and my guess is that its contemporary look and feel has contributed to its fame. A clarification I need to make is that its look alone by no mean could have made it to this level of success. Visit it now.

5. Let Go

You may have seen Letgo’s text “cliffhanger” TV commercial (the spelling of the actual website) a couple of years ago. Other then Facebook, Letgo is considered to be the most well known Craigslist alternative. Letgo is doing a better job than Facebook on the list of grouped products. You can search for specific keywords or general categories such as fashion and accessories.

6. eBay

eBay is one of the best places to buy or sell anything online. The sheer number of items available on the site makes it a great place to find something you need or sell something to a wide audience. While eBay is not exactly like CraigsList, with listings for jobs, personals, events and the like. It is a great place to buy and sell things just like CraigsList is. It is a pretty steep fee, but you will have access to so many buyers that it may be worth it.

7. Wallclassified

WallClassifieds is both appealing and friendly. It has made it to this list as it satisfies what possibly any Craigslist alternative seeker may want to find. The largest number of counties that I have ever come across are covered by it and it’s easy to browse through.

8. Recycler

If you live in a big city in the United States, Recycler is another good choice. Recycler was originally a local secret newspaper in Southern California. It became the national market in 2010 and now has 18 million users per month. You can use Recycler to buy or sell pets, find home rentals, sell used cars and anything else offered by Craigslist.

9. Gsaler

Gsaler is a garage sale platform that will help you buy and sell your stuff easily in person. The site has a search tool that will allow you to easily search for garage sales happening in your area. As a seller, you can post your garage sale on the site. You can include photos of your sale to get people excited about buying your things.

10. Classifiedsfactor

ClassifiedsFactor may not look as sharp as some of the other sites mentioned here; however, its ease of use and friendly menu items will ensure that it meets every expectation you might have had from a similar site to Craigslist.  Visit it now!

11. Oodle

Oodle is slightly different in helping you buy and sell locally. For other sites, you can only see the listings that the seller actually posted on the market. With Oodle, some lists will be published directly to Oodle, but they will also sort out other Craigslist alternatives to extend their list.

12. DeCluttr

DeClutter is a great way to sell your things with ease. The site is limited to electronic such as CDs, DVDs, cell phones, tablets, game consoles, and other similar clutter. Decluttr will also buy your used books. On the flip side, you can also buy used items from Decluttr. The site offers items from the same electronics and books that they bought from sellers.

Best 25 Sites Like CraigsList

Below are the best sites like craiglist that you must try out!

  1. Offerup
  2. Freeadstime
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. FinderMaster
  5. Let Go
  6. eBay
  7. Wallclassified
  8. Recycler
  9. Gsaler
  10. ClassifiedsFactor
  11. Oodle
  12. DeCluttr
  13. Estate sales
  14. Varage Sale
  15. 5 Miles
  16. Trove Market
  17. Bookoo
  18. YesBackpage
  19. PennySaver
  20. Close5
  21. Geebo
  22. CityNews
  23. Aptdeco
  24. Abadoo
  25. Rackons

Final Verdict

You can easily sell your Artwork, Services, and Goods with some of the above-mentioned Craigslist Alternatives and some people even claim that few of them are even better than Craigslist.

Try out these websites and let us know which one among the 25 you liked the most.

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