Having a decent credit score is something a lot of people wish for. We always face some difficulties in our life when there is a need for an additional loan from the bank. A high credit score is extremely important in this case so that a bank can trust you with money.

However, many people do not pay attention to their credit scores, thinking it is not a big deal. But ultimately, banks are vigilant and careful about it. This article will be about the top 3 reasons, which affect a credit score.

Payment history

Payment history plays an essential part in your credit score. If you do not pay bills on time, miss deadlines, it is obvious your credit score will be affected. Serious payment issues, like repossession tax liens or foreclosure, can severely damage your credit score.

Payment history determines most of your credit score. So paying on time each month will be beneficial for your credit score and a particular bank will be sure you are a reliable person.

Gambling payments

Using your card to deposit money on your casino account is one of the reasons for your bad credit score. Gambling reduces your credit score. This makes you less eligible for getting a loan.

Because of this, people try to avoid using their bank accounts for gambling and opt for alternative methods.

Australia, in particular, was very famous for such cases. There was like a witch hunt on people that used their banks to pay for gambling and online casinos that provided roulette games for real money were forced to innovate and introduce third-party digital payment methods. This included payment in cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin. With the help of Bitcoin, the players are choosing a method that is secure, fast and most importantly, the government and central banks can’t detect the transaction you are making. Everything is stored in the blockchain, and it is not visible what you used the money for unless you want to reveal it.

Unofficial incomes

Sometimes in bank cards, people receive salaries where the source is not determined and is somewhat unofficial. This can lead banks accounts into believing that you are doing something illegal, or money laundering related things take place. Try to avoid these incomes. Banks are always very suspicious when they detect that you receive unofficial income. Even if it is ‘official’ try to distance from them.


To summarize, these can be considered as the three most common reasons that affect your credit score negatively. If you want to have a positive credit score, pay the debts on time, never miss them. Also, if you are playing casino games online, try to use alternative methods to conceal your transactions. And finally, unofficial incomes are also very pivotal when talking about credit score, because they also change the attitude of banks towards you. They will be less inclined to give you a loan.

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