A good GMAT score is essential to achieve the coveted admit to the dream b-school. Naturally, it is essential to understand what qualifies as a good GMAT prep program as preparing for this exam is a serious investment of time and resources. While several GMAT coaching services are available, Experts’ Global’s online on-demand GMAT prep program provides the most holistic learning experience. Launched in 2018, this program has been used by 1000s of GMAT aspirants, with a large proportion of this group reporting considerable improvement in their performances.

The section below discusses the important features of this program.

Similarity to the GMAT

The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program is incredibly similar to the GMAT. All of the 4000 practice questions and mock test questions mimic the GMAT in terms of concepts tested, type of questions, the difficulty of questions, etc. Moreover, this prep package scores each test in an algorithm similar to that of GMAT. This is a significant achievement as the GMAT scoring pattern is not public knowledge and hardly any test-developers have been able to achieve this level of accuracy. This is further affirmed by the fact that the students report the similarity between their scores in the mock and the GMAT.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

This online GMAT prep package consists of 15, full-length GMAT mocks. Contrary to the other available GMAT prep packages, this series, thus, provides you with a significantly higher number of tests. This is important because the opportunity to practice several times ensures that the student has duly mastered the concepts and has also been acclimatized to the high-pressure test-taking environment. Further, the similarity in pattern with the GMAT also helps to ensure a proper assessment of the student’s performance on GMAT. You can also take a free GMAT mock.

Weakness Diagnosis

The online GMAT prep package includes a smart diagnostics that breaks down your performance on each test to identify your weak and strong areas. This way, after every test, you can analyze your performance and tailor your study schedule to your learning requirements. This AI-enabled performance analytics can also read your performances on the last few tests and return a broad understanding of your weaknesses.

Video Instruction

A unique feature of the Experts’ Global’s GMAT online prep package is the use of instructional videos. Each of the questions is followed by a video that not only teaches you to solve the problem but also tells you the most efficient way to solve the problem. Thus, you can readily refer to the explanation if you are unable to solve a question or if you feel that you can save time on that particular type of question if you can follow a smart approach to the same. You can even turn on the text explanations if you do not want to watch the videos.


As this is an online GMAT prep program, it is extremely convenient for full-time working professionals. The majority of GMAT aspirants need to balance their professional commitments while preparing for GMAT. In such circumstances, traveling to coaching centers or keeping to a generic study schedule becomes difficult. A well-constructed and thorough GMAT prep package, in contrast, helps the aspirant study in the comfort of his/her time and place.

Special Features

The Experts’ Global pays attention to the minute aspects of the learning process is evidenced by the inclusion of several special features in their online GMAT prep package. Few of these features are:

  • Flag: If you come across a particular question that you find interesting or want to revise, you can simply flag it. This way, you can create your own file of 100s of questions to be revised, at your convenience.
  • Sticky: If you want to take down important points while solving questions or watching videos, you can use the Sticky feature. This is a small, colorful pop-up screen that you can fix to your front page and use to jot down points.

Thus, the Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program provides well-paced, rigorous learning through its rich content and highly organized and easily accessible prep materials. Needless to say, you must prepare with the Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program.

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