Are you looking for ways to maximize Instagram’s view for your fashion or lifestyle business in 2020? If yes, then you’re not the only one. This social media site has a smart-algorithm that makes several fashion brands maximize their Instagram engagement. Instagram is still one of the ideal places where you can market a brand online. It helps to generate a loyal community and gain loyal customers and followers as well.

Change the way you thought about Instagram Engagement

You can reach your customers and followers through Instagram! It’s a challenge to know the way customers are resonating with your content. Today, you can assess that in many ways. There are several indicators, of Instagram likes and views played an important role. More likes in a post indicated that that content is “good”.

In recent times, Instagram has hidden the likes count. That makes it challenging to decipher which content has performed well and which not. The followers can’t check the likes a post got. This attempt was to put an end to the bias. Hence, it has urged the brands to delve deep in their metrics and track the Instagram Stories, shares, comments as well as the DMs to know the way a content performed. Hence, it is natural for a fashion and lifestyle brand to try and get Instagram views and enhance user engagement. For this, you can resort to the following strategies:

Generate “saveable” content for the feed

With Instagram “likes” getting hidden, it’s the saves and comments that are essential indicators. Hence, one of the ideal ways to enhance your brand’s user engagement is to generate more fashion and lifestyle-related content. It will encourage your users and customers to check the same and opt-in for the save button. The term “saveable content” means a post, which your followers and customers would want to get back to and read again. The way to make your posts “saveable content” is to understand your audience’s demands and things that they value most. For instance, if you feel they love to know ways to style their daily wears in simple techniques, you can create content around that and other customer-centric topics.

Initiate conversations through the Instagram Stories Stickers

Today, over 500 million Instagram profiles resort to the Instagram Stories daily! And this year, in 2020, the count is all set to increase. Hence, Instagram is innovating and coming up with multiple ways for brands to get engaged with their followers through various engagement stickers for the stories.

Simply put, Instagram Stories are an ideal way to encourage followers to chat and then share their experiences and thoughts. It helps in maximizing customer loyalty, as the customer feels counted and connected to your fashion/lifestyle brand. You can increase engagement in the following ways:

Question Sticker

An “Ask Me Anything” post on Instagram Stories is the starting point of a great conversation. Lifestyle and fashion influencers use this option to allow their followers and users to know more about their business and products. The followers can share their questions about your future fashion releases, ongoing discounts on lifestyle goods, how you started the company, details about a designer collection, guidelines on how to use your products, the next season’s best color palette and many more.

Quiz Sticker

The interactive quiz sticker enables brands to share the multiple-choice questions in trivia-style and track the outcome. The moment a follower votes on the quiz, they can check if their answer was correct or not. You can check the number of votes every choice received and the way every person voted.

Countdown sticker

Do you wish to get increased traction with your brand sales and events? Do you want to tweak the follower’s interest? If yes, then it’s essential to opt-in for the countdown sticker. The moment you share a story about an upcoming event, for instance, an end of season sale or fall-winter collection launch, use the countdown sticker to announce the same. Here you can mention the time and date as well. The followers will subscribe to the countdown event and will receive a reminder as well. It is one of the best ways of generating more Instagram views and urging followers to check the event.

Test and assess the brand-new content regularly

The best content-generation ideas and plan gets sourced from experimentation! Determining brand new content on Instagram might appear as a daunting task. It’s more so when you want to make appropriate user engagement a part of the content strategy. The way to go about it is through content experiments, trial, and error. It will help you to enhance your strategy. Some social media managers will suggest that Sundays are one of the ideal days for engagement as they can sustain the audience’s attention more than other days. Hence, it’s a smart call to share some of your announcements on Sundays, instead of any other week. It ensures that more people will read the announcement and keep a note of the same.

Are you thinking about how to get started? The following ideas can help:

  • You can opt-in for new content types, such as mini-infographics, memes, user-generated content and quotes. Even a selfie-styled video is also a right content type to share fashion updates and other similar details.
  • You can also experiment with the video length that’s available on IGTV as well as Instagram Stories. It’s always best to try something that others usually don’t.
  • Experiment with the Instagram Stories filter and check whether or not they enhance user engagement. Also, the AR files can act as an asset to sustaining the audience’s attention. Go all out and experiment with the best filters.

Last but not least, it is essential to check on the multiple analytics and assess the way it performs. These are some of the unique ways in which you can increase the views and user engagement for your fashion and lifestyle brand. Also, it helps the audience to perceive your brand as a new-age that caters to all audience requirements.

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