Thinking of starting your financial blog soon, but not sure where to start? You’ve never created a blog before, and you’re not sure exactly how to do it? First of all, the niche you have chosen must be the one that interests you the most and that you would like to research and write about daily.

Suppose your sphere of interest is finance and cryptocurrency trading. In that case, it is crucial that you already have a solid knowledge of all this or that you are at least enthusiastic about learning as much as possible about it. Blogging can be both fun and exciting for those who enjoy writing and sharing their knowledge and opinions with the world.

The precondition for the success of a blog on the Internet is dedication and interest in the topic you will write about. And to become a successful blogger and make an excellent finance blog, there are various valuable ways to achieve that.

We’ve prepared the most valuable tips for creating a successful financial blog that will be more than useful for you if you want to make money from it in the future. Let’s get started with the actual number one, shall we

Choose a memorable domain name and install WordPress

First of all, it is imperative to know technically how to start a blog on the Internet. The first and, clearly, most essential step is to design an original and memorable domain name for your blog, check its availability, and then buy.

The following recommended step is to sign up for a web hosting service and choose the best hosting plan for you. To understand the best host, think of it as a place where your blog lives online. Keep in mind that even though there are some free plans, you will not be able to be the owner of your domain if choosing one.

After doing so, it’s best to install WordPress, which is currently the most popular content management system responsible for your site. Downloading some essential plugins will be extremely valuable for your site and its success on SERPs. Once you select a theme for your WordPress site, you are ready to create pages and posts, your first blog posts about finance.

Do keyword research and plan your blogs every week.

Keyword research represents a practice that all SEO professionals do to find the most searched topics and phrases on search engines when looking for general information, products, or services concerning some specific niche.

Remember that these keywords are most related to queries asked by users on Google, for example. The practice of keyword research is crucial and extremely valuable for you as a content writer to rank better on search engines for specific keywords that will increase traffic on your blog in the first place.

It will also be highly beneficial for you to decide which topics to cover in the financial field and what keywords to use as your primary or secondary ones. If you wish to rank high for a particular keyword, never forget to do proper keyword research before writing each of your blogs.

Affiliate marketing is the key to making money.

If you are wondering how you can profit from your blog, the answer is simple – affiliate marketing. In short, affiliate marketing represents the form of performance-based marketing in which a particular business recompense one or numerous affiliates for every visitor or a customer that came by the affiliate’s website and marketing efforts.

As someone interested in affiliate marketing, you will be responsible for recommending products and services to your readers from the financial industry. Once a visitor of your blog clicks on some of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you will be the one to earn a commission.

Personal finance commissions are very lucrative and maybe hundreds of dollars per one sale. That’s why the finance industry is very profitable for bloggers. The key is to be persistent and know which financial product or service you want to make affiliate blog posts.

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