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If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the medical sector, nursing is an excellent choice. 83% of nurses say they are satisfied in their roles, a figure much higher than in most professions. That might not surprise you when you learn that nursing offers flexible hours, one of the biggest incentives available in any job, and gives you access to opportunities all around the world. Also, there’s much more to this career – it’s not just a job but a vocation. They are just some of the reasons why it might be a rewarding choice for you.

Make a difference

One of the most common regrets that elderly people have is that they didn’t do enough to make a difference in the world. As a nurse, you could make a difference every day. Nurses don’t just save lives; they improve the quality of those lives. They help people to deals with the stress of medical procedures, make hospitals and doctors’ offices less intimidating for children, and help disabled and elderly people to live more independently.

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Qualify quickly

If you’re looking for a career that doesn’t require years and years of study first, this is a great choice. Offered at colleges including Bryant & Stratton, ADN nursing programs prepare you to enter the workplace quickly and, if you choose to, you can take further courses once you’re in place. Because courses are flexible, and something can even be done online, like ACLS certification, you can fit your studies around a job or childcare commitments if you need to, then move straight into your new role.

Keep on learning

Nursing is a profession with a strong focus on education. Once you’ve found your feet, you’ll be offered the chance to move around and work in different contexts so you can broaden your range of skills. If you work in a large clinic or hospital, you can benefit from mentoring. Most nurses eventually specialize, and there are lots of different areas you might choose to focus on, enabling you to give patients the best possible care.

Enjoy variety

There is never a dull day in nursing. You’ll get to meet all sorts of different people, and every day you’ll be presented with new situations and new challenges. As a front line care provider, you’ll often be making decisions about how best to care for patients before doctors even get to them, and you’ll also enjoy a much more sociable relationship with them, getting to hear their stories and understand how their treatment affects their lives.

Move up the career ladder

If you’re keen to get ahead, nursing is a profession with a really good promotion structure, whereby you can expect to make progress every few years as long as your work is up to standard. It’s famous for its fairness, with relatively few discrimination complaints, and at each level, you’ll take on more responsibilities and further develop your skills. Senior nurses are highly respected and have a lot of authority in the workplace.

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Get paid what you’re worth

Do you ever feel frustrated by how little you get paid in light of all the hard work you put into your job? In nursing, hard work is rewarded, with highly competitive pay scales that also reflect your education and experience – regardless of the level you start at. You’ll also enjoy impressive benefits packages, so you never need to worry about your own healthcare, and you’ll have opportunities for overtime when you need it.

Feel valued

Perhaps the most rewarding thing of all about nursing is that you’ll never feel as if you don’t matter – you’ll frequently be thanked by your patients, and your family and the local community will be vocal about how much they value what you do. Medical institutions have a great reputation as supportive workplaces where people look out for each other. This is a warm, friendly profession in which you’ll never feel unwanted or alone.

Because we have an aging population, with more and more people needing support to deal with illness, disability, and the weakness that comes with getting old, nurses are in more demand than ever. That is great news for newly qualified individuals who have a huge choice of what to do and where to work, and it means they’re more valued than ever, by both their employers and the people they support. There couldn’t be a better time to move onto this career path. Now more than ever, nursing is one of the most dynamic, exciting, and satisfying professions out there.

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