Your Appearance Can Affect Your Paycheck


A study reflects that your appearance can affect your paycheck. Numerous studies reflect that how you are perceived by others can affect whether or not you receive a raise, promotion or what you make on your paycheck.

These are the physical traits that will boost your career

according to the studies:

  • men six feet tall and over make over $5000 more per year than their shorter counterparts
  • 1% increase in body fat in a woman results in .05% decrease in her income
  • taller women earn almost 10% more than average size women
  • symmetrical faces and bodies are the greatest attribute to beauty many have commented. If you have one eye slightly smaller than the other, you will make less money than if you were born with two perfectly matched eyes
  • if you smile a lot of people tend to trust you more than someone that doesn’t smile as much. you will make more money if you smile more

These are only some of the physical attributes that can earn you more money. Amazingly there is a correlation between looking good and earning well, regardless of experience or education.

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