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Tottempudi Gopichand aka Gopichand is an  Indian film actor who was born on 12 June 1979 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is mainly famous for his work in the Telugu film industry but Gopichand Hindi Dubbed movies are also famous. He was only 8 years old when his father died. He is the youngest son of filmmaker T. Krishna. He completed his studies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. (Below this paragraph, we are sharing the complete list of Gopichand Hindi dubbed movies).

He studied for an engineering degree in Russia. His older brother, T. Premchand, was working as an associate director for Mutyala Subbayya. Premchand made his debut as director and started working on a film under his home banner, but he died in a car accident.

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Gopichand was in Russia during the death of his brother and could not attend his funeral due to visa problems. He also has a sister, who is a dentist. After completing his engineering, he decided to enter the film industry. He did a dialogue modulation course for a year. He made his debut as a hero with the Telugu movie Tholi Valapu. In his next movie, Jayam, he portrayed a villain. Later on, he acted as a villain in the movies Nijam and Varsham.

gopichand hind dubbed movies

He made a re-entry as a hero with the movie Yagnam. After performing villain roles in Jayam (Telugu), Jayam (Tamil), Nijam, and Varsham he got the lead role in Yagnam. His roles include Ranam in 2006 and Lakshyam in 2007. His next film, Souryam, was released in September 2008. The next year, he acted in one film, Sankham, which released on 11 September 2009. His next film, Golimar, was released on 27 May 2010. In 2011, he acted in Mogudu and Sahasam 2013. He married Reshma, the niece of actor Meka Srikanth, on 12 May 2013.

Here Movienasha organized a complete list of Gopichand Hindi dubbed movies. We will update the list from time to time whenever we get more information about Gopichand’s Hindi dubbed movies. We hope this will entice you to watch some. The numbers here are in any order and doesn’t suggest the level of greatness in the movie. Please leave a comment if you think differently and have something in mind which you want me to notice. Your comments are most welcome. Please do not forget to like our official Facebook page. (last updated on 5 August 2018)

Gopichand Hindi Dubbed Movies

Tholi Valapu Dubbed in Hindi as Blast Barood

Jayam Dubbed in Hindi as Phir Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet

Nijam Dubbed in Hindi as Meri Adalat

Varsham Dubbed in Hindi as Barish- The Season of Love

Yagnam Dubbed in Hindi as Aaj Ka Raavanraaj

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Andhrudu Dubbed in Hindi as Loha-The Ironman

Ranam Dubbed in Hindi as Surya Jalta Nahin Jalata Hai

Raraju Dubbed in Hindi as Ek Qayamat

Lakshyam Dubbed in Hindi as Bhai-The Lion

Ontari Dubbed in Hindi as Ek Aur Khal Nayak

Souryam Dubbed in Hindi as Meri Shapath

Sankham Dubbed in Hindi as Phir Ek Most Wanted

Golimaar Dubbed in Hindi as Golimaar

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Wanted Dubbed in Hindi as Janbaaz Ki Jung

Mogudu Dubbed in Hindi as Mard K Zaban

Sahasam Dubbed in Hindi as The Real Jackpot

Loukyam Dubbed in Hindi as Ek Khiladi

Jil Dubbed in Hindi as Jil

Soukhyam Dubbed in Hindi as Mard Ki Zuban 2

Gautam Nanda Dubbed in Hindi as Rowdy Rajkumar 2

If You want to watch the Gopichand Hindi dubbed movies then click on the movie name and Enjoy it:

Gopichand Movie List:

gopichand hindi dubbed movies


Movie Name Year
Tholi Valapu 2001
Jayam 2002 (Telugu)
Jayam 2003 (Tamil)
Nijam 2003
Varsham 2004
Yagnam 2004
Andhrudu 2005
Ranam 2006
Raraju 2006
Okkadunnadu 2007
Lakshyam 2007
Ontari 2008
Souryam 2008
Sankham 2009
Golimaar 2010
Wanted 2011
Mogudu 2011
Sahasam 2013
Loukyam 2014
Jil 2015
Soukhyam 2015
Oxygen 2016

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