best Korean romantic comedy movies

Over the years, the world of dramas has been preparing us for Korean romantic comedy movies. It is a difficult challenge to handle being prominent in the sea of best Korean romantic comedy movies. Surviving this challenge is also currently on board and sailing smoothly all top Korean romantic comedy movies are on this list. Note that these series are all good too. We’ll tell you how they went from being just ordinary love jokes to dramas. And here is the good news, which you can catch right now all these dramas on Netflix.

List of Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies

Fight for my way (2017)

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Welcome to the drama that marks Kim Ji Won’s first lead in an active role in a great series of tv network drama. What are your dreams in life? For our leading characters, they dream of being like that famous Taekwondo athlete and television anchor.

But in reality, our male leadership is a work of agreement while our female leaders work at the information table in the department store. The truth may seem far from their goal, but it will not stop them from doing so. Dreams cannot last dreams; this drama will always be pressing the viewers to work harder as the scenes of the main characters roll over and give their best for their work to achieve their goals. But our characters are not as easy as others but that will not stop them from following those dreams and we can all learn from that pain and tears. They are just part of the journey. And in this game, we will get good again, an amazing friendship and our four different personalities. Prepare for a second pairing that you really should follow. Two for one price.

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W- Two worlds apart (2016)

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Reading webtoons can be fun and playful with your imagination and bring you to a whole new world. In this series, our leadership for women was that he was literally raised in a new world, on his father’s webtoon. How did this happen? Something had been left by our father of a lost lead wife so while he was reading this his father’s guard hand pulled him away and logged on to the webtoon where he finds himself saving the lead and the nature of his father’s creation. What makes it special is that the drama keeps viewers guessing. W-Two Worlds Apart will surely make you happy.



Search – WWW (2019)

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Trying to live without being discriminated against, this drama is about a 21st-century woman who decides not to be a wife or mother but to be a successful person. You are welcomed by a competitor who works as a director for a large web portal company.

She loves winning and the joy it gives her but sometimes she wonders if she does what is right. Dating someone who is driven by success is a man who creates music for video games. Viewers will love this drama because it talks about problems and experiences at work and that always strives for success. Maybe something everyone can understand Search WWW will provide viewers with some solid female characters focusing on women’s empowerment.

Be Melodramatic (2019)

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Three great female friends will take 17th place on our list. They are now over 30 years old. First, we have a single mother, serving as head of the sales team of a drama production company. And now I have an emotional drama writer.  So make sure to put this drama on your list. Being melodramatic will show viewers the difficulty and joy of spending time with friends and living your life to the fullest.



Because this is my first life(2017)

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A man who owes a great deal of money to himself and he lives with a woman under the same roof who is homeless in the same house while taking a different road to marriage. We can say that the contract our male lead is in his early 30s again appointed single, on the other hand, the female lead is a man envious of people who own their own homes. Her financial problems hold her back and make her refuse to date. Where life will take these two unmarried people as they live under the same roof. In a way, the game has played a role in addressing gender inequality and taking a different approach to the traditional way of marriage. Definitely looking forward to adding that this drama has done a good job of measuring character stories. Having too many stories in one drama can be stressful and he may have the feeling of hearing important unexplained parts, however, this game has given us the right shares in each story.


When the Camellia blooms (2019)

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There’s something I feel I do. I feel local gossip or drama about a single mother opening a bar, as what they thought would be a flower shop, was the place where the men were. The community would gather drinks while she tried to take care of her child. A police officer will enter her life. Our male leadership is indifferent to gossip and in love with one another. But what will happen if our women who take the lead have already closed the doors to dating the play is the first role play of Kanghanul since it was released military where camellia blooms educate viewers that, mothers will do everything for their children and also do it in a good way to combine comedy love with family and this series too sprinkled a little pleasure.



Reply 1997

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Here is a new series from the 1997 series. This drama is about high school students serving a boy band to join this fangirl and her five friends in Busan. Now in their 30s memories of the past will be restored as they come together and remember those high school moments when they met again. Reply 1997 knows how viewers can be caught and we will ask you to continue pressing that button for the next episode. The characters in this drama do a good job of releasing their characters and making viewers feel that they are really good friends and we are not just watching fictional characters but real ones. Such a good job for the characters.


The master Sun

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I think not watching this drama because of the ghost title ah think again because he is the son of a king did a good job of adding humour and retention light them up and they won’t get you out or be too scared. Our big couple will treat us with some good chemicals that are put in them. The best performer welcomes the greedy CEO type of department store. A hotel that will change his life down as he meets our women who lead our women leaders, unfortunately, do not live a normal life because you can see and hear ghosts.  Meeting with an arrogant CEO made our female leaders see something that made them want to meet him again.


You who came from the stars

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Greetings to the best Alien from the world of  K drama as you who emerged from the stars continues 9th place on this list is attached everywhere romantically and make fun of and finish it with the highest standards this drama is about an alien who came to earth 400 years ago this man and therefore even an alien, he doesn’t know how old he is because he still has a new face and body and definitely this stranger has special skills with regard to the sensitivity of vision and speed after his discovery in his stay he meets the famous star and his life he never stays the same. First, we get a strong imitation and then we get the story done right because of the outstanding action of our characters here you will find two completely different personalities paired with the way this drama is made ends up for them to do good chemicals are one of the things you will love about you are the one who came from the stars

Welcome to Waikiki

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Next on our list is an extended drama of 16 to 20 episodes due to its popularity. Three young men the film’s aspiring film is struggling actor and an independent writer opened a guest house to earn money for their film the manufacturing business is not doing well in kiki a guest house and other unexpected things will start to come to them a single mother and her baby will appear mysteriously his ex-girlfriend will also be back and love will definitely come back come to the guest house and wake up after all the giggles that the game will show viewers the simplest and most smooth way to communicate people and how friendships can be strong and the fear one can get trying to find love again while trying to avoid another one heartbreak acceptance on kiki is a reminder that pains are fought again rejection is all part of the road to success.


Strong woman do bong soon

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Strong woman do bong soon drama, he created a character we can all look up to putting her supernatural powers next to the do bong soon is a brave woman I don’t think twice to extend a helping hand this drama will show that anyone can help and we will definitely get it. We all need jokes about the inefficiency suppressed by police and threats are some of the things you will find in this game and oh and add some doubt and joy. The strong woman do bong soon is about the little woman who has supernatural powers who aspires to be the creator of the video game but life has other plans for him as he was given a different job. The CEO of a gaming company saw our women lead and her special powers are different now. Will the bong soon take over the job you are looking to get better at?

Descendants of the sun

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A good believing surgeon, the power of that one weighs more than having a connection. She was found to be at fault and her condition will lead her to meet a man who will change her life captain and leader of the alpha team in special forces, a person dedicated to protecting the lives of others and helping people in need. The purpose of working together is a surgeon and a special officer will begin to communicate and instil love in their relationship here is a drama that will also make us want more of those second-generation couples to lead to the way these actors have brought their characters into life is truly amazing the game will also make viewers see the danger and risk our lives workers and the military are going to make the country better and safer place. Did you know our male and female lead became a real couple and until they got married everyone knew to them as lovers of the song because they are both we were already sharing the same surname, unfortunately, their marriage did not last for a long time and since they broke up, we wish them all the best their new efforts and love.

Hotel de luna

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Wondering where people go after death here in the game, they go to a place called hotel de luna. The owner of the hotel is a greedy woman who is stuck in this place to work, because of the sin she committed. By caring for the needs of the ghosts and the service she offers. You will enjoy doing this job if you are great. The amount of money involved is an unexpected event that will happen again, he will find himself guarding the son of man that he has made. The agreement with the hotel de luna has the special power to show viewers that they are beautiful and well-thought-out explanations of what catches ghosts in the crossing of the bridge to the afterlife this drama will also allow everyone to see how one side is. A story can touch a person deeply.

Kill me heal me

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Previously started together in secret love, Jiseng and human Junoon had another drama entitled Kill Me and Heal Me. Stop rubbing your eyes because what you see is true: seven different personalities in one body this brought about the trauma of our male leadership he acquired as a child yet this mental. The problem is starting to hurt our male leadership so it needs the help of the first year of mental illness and love gets our women leading but what ubuntu is in love with this game will show viewers the.  The struggle for self-determination that deals with the mind in this game will show viewers the challenges people face. He fights mental health at a completely different level so let us give empathy, compassion and consideration.

Weightlifting fairy Kim bok choo

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Kimboku for weight lifting goes into number fifteen because this series gives us those vibes that are happy and feel good while watching and its incredible masculine actions and beautiful portraits of love. The female lead role female showed all dedication to getting this role. A bodyweight with a shiny personality, she will face challenges in her own way as she realizes that achieving her dreams may sacrifice a loving relationship by joining the story of our female lead again, her friends are good swimmers and many athletes. Kimboku weight lifting is a light sport that is fun and easy to make look away that will show viewers the issues of balancing dreams and personal relationships. Which will make viewers love the drama even more about their personalities. The one that comes out strong but deep inside has that inside the very girl who will make us find her the most beautiful.


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Immortality is placed on our male lead after a confrontation with the tragic death of the former general of the gorilla army. He is now 900 years old and wants to end his life but here’s the catch he has to find immortality that can bring out a great sword coming out of his chest and one could call this mortal. Oh, the bride is a high school student who sees ghosts. They will accuse you of being the bride of the goblins but are they really the things? What made this a fun series to watch is the funny time between the characters and some jokes included in developing our great love. A few second thoughts obscure other viewers watching the drama because of the age gap between the leading man and woman but there will be a reason for that so we highly recommend you take a look at this drama so you don’t miss a top character A new and well-thought-out story with a great post and we talked gong you.

 Crash landing on you

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Arriving at number seventeen, a crash where the south meets the north is a very unexpected route due to the danger of paragliding in the south. The Korean conglomerate heiress will find herself on the border with North Korea and face a North Korean army officer trying to make her way back to South Korea. Our male lead will help our female lead and love a little bit but surely you will find that this drama will give you a sense of normalcy in a romantic relationship. But as the story goes on and on and on and it turns out and those came out a little unexpectedly. Not to mention great chemistry between the leading couple, you also experience the strong friendships that we all yearn for, you can have friends like that.

Reply 1988

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You welcome five friends of the kids to your screens who live in the same area. These five friends will find their own adolescence together. A middle school kid, football lover, student council president, geek and athlete will comfort each other as they try to survive. All the struggles and pain to achieve their dreams we find rom-coms completely focused on the development of a great couple here in response to the 1988 package the whole life comes to your door and by that, I mean we have lit up the drama will give viewers stories of family friendships and love and we get a fact that occurs between these three topics and the sadness and joy that accompany it.

It’s okay to not be okay

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It’s okay to not be okay is a matter about the famous author of children’s books with a personality disorder that is characterized by a lack of self-respect and pride. Attitude and joining the story is a health profession in the psychiatric ward with great intelligence and access. Both of his patients have issues and difficulties, so how will they create love and find themselves together? The only way to find out is to watch the drama. In addition to humour and romance, this game will take the road to express mental health is okay to be wrong it will make you laugh and at the same time open your eyes to psychological problems that people face in the way the characters do wonderfully he brought these characters to life make the drama appealing to everyone and remember that it is wrong so throw your hand up in the air and make a fist and all together fight to stay strong and you are definitely in our thoughts.



Rom-coms may have all sorts of impressions but with the right curves for the inclusion of emotional issues as well rom-com chemicals may be less visible in contrast to the ways we truly deserve there is a reason why rom-com is to go the nature of most people is that these games are booming and sensible stories under all funny businesses not to mention that we love that piece of life and love.


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