If you are looking for the best games to play at Clubhouse with your fellow members of the room, then you have come to the right place. The Clubhouse has been the buzz recently driving all the attention to itself. The new drop-in social media has taken a toll on approximately 2 million users and we can’t get calm!

Now, if you are one of the lucky ones to have an exclusive in-app invite from Clubhouse, then I am assuming, you have created your own club, hosted your own events or if you haven’t, you obviously are thinking about it. There is so much you can do on the clubhouse to keep your followers hooked.

In addition to all these, people also look for Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse.

But, what are the kind of fun games you should be playing?

Well, we have gathered these details from both i.e. the online and the offline world to come up with some of the best Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse.

So, Keep Reading!

Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse

7 Fun Games to Play At Clubhouse!

We are here, with some of the old classical games which are indeed fun too. Let’s go all the way down memory lane to relive those days.

Moreover, we can’t deny the fun you are going to have while playing these games at Clubhouse.

1. Antakshari

Without a speck of doubt, Antakshari has always been the most popular game. You are definitely going to go back to Maine Pyar Kiya days when you play Antakshari.

If you don’t know, the game is centered around songs. A participant starts singing any song of their choice and when the song ends, the last letter is picked by the next contestant to take the game forward. That is how it is done.

2. Twenty Questions

Looking for Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse, right? Twenty Questions is the one!

This game boosts your knowledge, enhances creativity, and encourages reasoning since you can ask the most logical or the most illogical of questions!

Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse

Like – Who came first, The Egg or The Chicken?

No, we are not kidding. This is exactly how much fun playing Twenty Questions is.

Also, buckle up for some really weird answers too because you may be witty, but your opponent may be 10x wittier!

3. Truth or Dare

Do you even need to explain what and how fun playing Truth or Dare is?

Truth and Dare can be played in the clubhouse with a bunch of your friends. The agenda of the game is for the players to either answer correctly or choose a dare.

Dare that you can assign while playing this fun game at clubhouse could be asking them to dance, sing a song, or even a poem, maybe?

4. Quiz

Do you think you are a genius? Prove that to your Clubhouse mates then.

Quizzes are the best kind of game to boast about, especially when you have a brilliant IQ. This game is for you. Show off your brilliance and ask everyone to prepare some questions before you start playing.

It is going to be so much hearing the answers, trust me. Also, this is my personal favorite, so do give this game a shot.

Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse

5. This or That

One of the Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse is This or That.

It is just a simple game where a player has to choose from this or that.

For example – Chinese or Indian?

This is how the game goes on from one player to the next.

6. Never Have I Ever

This is the next one on the list of Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse which is an excellent way to find out more about the people you are chilling with.

This game is simple and asks players on their turn, about things they have or things they haven’t done. Play this game to know your friends better.

Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse

7. Who Is Most Likely

When talking about Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse, Who Is Most Likely has to be there.

It is a game where every player has to draw a card and the group of players playing the game decide who is most likely to commit whatever the card says.

For Example – If the Card says, Who Is Most Likely To Get Married?

Now, the members of the game will point out to the player who is likely to get married first. Wait for some fistbumps coming later.

If your moderator is legit, then organizing and playing this game could be super fun.

Try these Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse one after the other to see which one is that you like the most.

Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse

Wrap Up

Ever since Clubhouse has waved its way in the social ground, people have gone all sorts of crazy. The platform undoubtedly is super fun.

Furthermore, with its launch on Android now, more and more users have enrolled in this game. There is a lot you can do in this game and therefore, you need to try these Fun Games to Play at Clubhouse too.

Let us know all about your experience playing these games with your friends and followers.

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